What is Tomato Fever? Know Its Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

A new virus called Tomato Fever came to the public attention in Kerala in May 2022. Amid Covid19, the Tomato Fever virus has raised fear as all the cases were reported from government hospitals. Read along to know more about the fever.

What is Tomato Fever?

Tomato fever is an unknown fever affecting mostly children. The disease mostly forms red coloured rashes and blisters on the child’s body and, thus, is named the tomato flu or the tomato fever. However, there is no clear knowledge if the condition is caused by viral fever or is a side effect of dengue or chikungunya infection. The condition was first registered in Kerala and health officials have been instructed to take preventive measures against the disease.

What are the symptoms of Tomato Fever? 

The tomato fever symptoms observed in the children affected by the disease are rashes, red-coloured blisters, skin irritation, and dehydration. The patients also had a high fever, body ache, joint swellings, tiredness, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, discolouration of several body parts, coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. The health care department is conducting more research regarding the cause and symptoms of the condition.

How can Tomato Fever be prevented? 

Prevention is the key to the tomato flu. Keep your surroundings clean and maintain hygiene at home. Avoid giving street food to children. Moreover, add green vegetables and fresh fruits to the child’s everyday diet to increase immunity. Also, take plenty of water. You can also include physical exercises and yoga in a child’s routine activity. 

These measures will surely protect your grandchild from getting affected by any flu.

How to treat Tomato Fever? 

To treat tomato fever, follow the steps listed below:   

  • Consult a doctor if the child faces any symptoms of tomato fever  
  • Don’t allow the child to scratch blisters  
  • Ask the patient to take a bath using warm water  
  • Give proper rest to the child  
  • Keep the child well hydrated
  • Avoid close contact with infected kids


To conclude, tomato fever is not an incurable disease, however, it is always better to take precautions against it. The health department’s research will surely help to come out from the fear of the disease. But till then, maintain hygiene and improve the immune system for tomato fever prevention. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this fever called tomato fever or tomato flu? 

Most of the children affected with this fever had red-coloured blisters on their bodies, and thus it was called tomato fever or tomato flu.

Does tomato fever only infect children? 

There is no medical confirmation that tomato fever will infect only children, but so far, we have seen it affect children under 10 mostly.

When to consult a doctor? 

Consult a doctor when you see any symptoms of tomato fever like fever, rashes, red-coloured blisters, skin irritation, and dehydration.

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