7 Safe Activities for Elders in Summers During COVID Lockdown

Experiencing boredom, loneliness, and anxiety are extremely common whilst in a lockdown. Being stuck for months without getting to see your loved ones can be quite frustrating and depressing. And while the world has turned digital amid the pandemic, senior citizens are usually not tech-savvy. Thus, connecting with their family members or friends virtually is also not an option for them. This can further limit their options when it comes to socializing. Moreover, drawing attention away from everything going on in the world can become a lot more difficult. So, we have come up with a bunch of safe and lockdown-friendly summer activities for elderly parents:



1.    Get Creative 

Painting, drama, dancing, poetry, or music, do whatever floats your boat. This is the best time when you can unravel your creative and artistic side. And since every form of art is so diverse, you would never be out of options. Moreover, participating in artistic activities can have a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. This makes it one of the best summertime activity ideas for elders! And even if you are not motivated to create a piece of art or write a poem, you can simply listen to music. It is will not just keep you engaged but can also prove to be quite therapeutic.


2.    Gardening

Whether you have a green thumb or not, gardening is one of the outdoor activities for the elderly that can boost their mood and relieve stress. Also, it can act as a moderate form of exercise that will help you keep physically active. So, if you have some outdoor space, you can use it to build a kitchen or herb garden. This will also help you get some sunshine and fresh air. Not to mention, you will be able to get organic and freshly picked ingredients for your meals. This can also help boost immunity and improve your overall health (something really important at the moment). 


3.    Reading

While for some it can be their favourite pastime, for some it may be an escape from the real world. No matter how you perceive reading as a hobby, books have always been a man’s best friend, especially during this time. Imagine sitting in a nook of your home and still being able to dive into a whole new world of fantasy. Reading can be one of the best activities for seniors this summer. Moreover, reading can help in keeping the mind active which can improve brain function, uplift mood, help in developing mindset, and even avoid various mental health issues.


4.    Low-Impact Exercises 

This pandemic might have taken away a lot from us, but it has definitely given us the gift of time. And to make the most of this time, you can try out some low-impact exercises like yoga and fast walking or outdoor games suggested for senior citizens. These will not only help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but they can also have a range of physical and mental health benefits. Moreover, these exercises will help you remain independent which will enable you to carry out all your daily tasks easily. And since all these activities can be done indoors, making them both safe and lockdown-friendly. Also, if the individual has mobility issues, they should avail elder home care services for proper guidance and support. 


5.    Bird Watching

Bird-watching can be an extremely interesting and stimulating activity this summer. So, if you are looking for a new hobby to fill your boring lockdown days, you can try bird-watching. And since it can be done right from your backyard or your balcony, it is one of the best senior outdoor activities this summer. Moreover, this is a really simple and inexpensive hobby. All you need put out some bird feeders in your patio, balcony, or porch and wait for your new feathered friends to stop by. Just get yourself a pair of nice binoculars and you are good to go! Apart from being an exciting activity, bird-watching also has a range of cognitive benefits to offer. It can help them learn about the different eating habits of local birds. They will also be able to memorize the names, appearances, and calls of different birds. This would help in stimulating memory, improving one’s “attention to detail” skill, and cognitive alertness, thus making it one of the best old age activities!


6.    Try New Recipes

These times seem to be the best time to try out some new and amazing recipes. It can turn out to be one of the most fun summer activities at home for seniors. You can try to cook a hearty dinner, some comfort food, or a refreshing and healthy salad. So, to get your taste buds tingling, you should experiment a little with the ingredients at your home and you might give birth to a masterpiece! And while travelling is not an option right now, you can still try out dishes from all across the world. This way, you can travel wherever you want to through your local yet exotic cuisines! 


7.    Check-in on Others

Now is when kindness matters more than ever. So, call your loved ones every once in a while, to ensure they are doing well. Dedicate one day to reach out to people who matter the most to you. While everyone is cooped up inside their homes for days at a time, this would be a great way for you both to refresh. This has to be one of the most satisfying summer activities during this COVID-19 lockdown. 

We hope that all these summer activities will keep you busy and entertained throughout this lockdown. And while it might seem difficult to be optimistic right now, but staying indoors and following the guidelines can help us get through this. And these summer activity tips for the elderly would definitely help kill boredom and stay busy during the lockdown. 

At Emoha, we are agile to the need of the hour which is why we are providing remote health monitoring as well as a dedicated care manager for comprehensive COVID support. For us, it is always #EldersFirst