Understanding the Shiva Purana And Related Life Lessons

Understanding The Shiva Purana And Related Life Lessons

The ancient literature on different cultures and religions worldwide has powerful insights and views on real-time issues. The attractive feature is that they have better approaches to modern problems and provide better explanations for every possible happening.

The Shiva Purana is one of the 18 major Purana texts of Tamil literature on Hinduism. Though it adds references to every God, including the alternate theories of higher powers and so on, the main focus of this piece remains on Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati.

Manuscripts in Shiva Purana

Sadly, there are parts in the Shiva Purana and even other literature that state that Sage Vyasa abridged it before he went ahead and taught it to Romaharshana. The manuscripts that sustained the said obstruction now exist in various forms and versions in varying languages like Shiva Purana in Kannada, Hindi, and more.

Currently, literary experts have tracked these scripts to be present in one major version consisting of seven books in Tamil Nadu. There is an incidence of a second one with six books and a third version from the Bengal region. This third one is particularly peculiar, with no books but two large sections named Purva Khanda and Uttara Khanda.

Cosmology in Shiva Purana

Several quotes from Shiva Purana hint at Lord Shiva being the centre of the cosmos. More specifically, believers accept Lord Brahma invoked Lord Shiva to designate him as a protective head for his creative process. It is quite an interesting story in itself. When Lord Brahma was immense in creating life and species, it was mainly Lord Shiva that brought in the picture of a female variant.

There are many other Shiva Purana stories that bring about theories that explain the reason for the existence of several things and beings in the world, all with Lord Shiva as the centre. Out of those, major ones include the consort of Sati and related happenings that involve her and her reincarnations.

12 Samhitas in Shiva Purana

The Shiva Purana Sanskrit is one of the biggest works of literature to exist if we had access to all existing verses, which were probably well over 100,000 verses spread out across 12 subclasses or Samhitas. These Samhitas are said to be exclusive volumes or books focussing on specific titles or issues or sections with a genre on their own.

#Samhita (Section)Adhyayas (Chapters)
IJnana Samhita78
IIVidyesvara Samhita16
IIIKailasa Samhita12
IVSanatkumara Samhita59
VVayaviya Samhita: i. Purva Bhaga ii. Uttara Bhaga30 30
VIVidyesvara Samhita25
VIIRudra Samhita: i. Srikhanda ii. Satikhanda iii. Parvatikhanda iv. Kumarakanda v. Yuddhakanda20 43 55 20 59
VIIISatta Rudra Samhita42
IXKotirudra Samhita43
XUma Samhita51
XIKailasa Samhita23
XIIVayaviya Samhita: i. Purva Bhaga ii. Uttara Bhaga35 41

Because of such importance in religious literature, they are even available in digital formats such as Shiva Purana PDFs across online forums.

Benefits of Reading Shiva Purana

Many holy figures and literature state that reading the Shiva Purana Odia can help one get rid of any crises and shortcomings and make life easier. It is also appropriate to mention that the person can get clear of their sins and move towards the path of salvation by reading it with a dedicated mind, body, and soul.

Reading the Shiv Purana

Many blessed devotees believe that reading the Shiva Purana on such auspicious designations can help fulfil their desires and wishes. With the availability of the Shiva Purana in various languages and formats like Odia Shiva Purana and more, the number of followers getting into this holy act has been improving lately.

Kaliyuga – As Written in Shiv Purana

According to the Shiva Purana book, Lord Shiva would be appearing in the Kaliyuga in the form of Shankaracharya. There is a specifical mention in the Padma Purana where the Lord himself explains to his spouse, the Goddess Parvati, that he will be appearing in the age of Kali. He will come to elicit his views on the Mayavada, the Buddhist doctrine, the indefinable nature of Brahman and more.

While going through the Shiva Purana PDF in Tamil, it is evident that the book portrays the philosophy of Maya to be a wicked doctrine which violates the holy Vedic literature. Additionally, in the Kurma Purana part, it states that Shankara and Nilalohita will reincarnate and establish rites of Shrauta and Smarta.

Several other Shiva Purana quotes show the Supreme Lord Orders Lord Shiva to show up and reform the people in Kaliyuga. A comprehensive view of the life and history of Shankara should give you additional insight into the concept.

Stories in Shiva Purana

Apart from the major sector of stories dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, there are other stories of importance that you can find in the Shiva Purana PDF in English, which explain other deities from the scripture, including Ganapati, Surya, Brahma, Vishnu, and more. There are extensive stories about the Moon God, Kaal-Brahm, Par Brahm, Paramatma, their roles and more.

Important Facts About the Shiva Purana

The various versions, chapters, and books in Shiva Purana have been edited, translated, and formulated to meet the needs and views of several devotees across the planet and have included a wide range of languages, including digitised formats like Shiva Purana English PDFs and more.

The book of Shiva Purana, which has been crossing boundaries ever since it came into existence, also has many verses that reciprocate the views exhibited by the great Vedas and Vedantas. There are also sections in the literature where people have observed science in Shiva Purana and several bold ideas. Many of the opinions here are in line with current findings, which is surprising.

Secret of Shiva Purana

Many secrets and discrepancies are associated with Lord Shiva, all thanks to his mysterious self and power exhibited on several occasions across the timeline. Almost every version of the book, including Shiva Purana Odia, has extensive insights which remain unresolved. Experts are still taking up such interesting ideas to carry on their studies into the same.

Life Lessons in Shiva Purana

Many helpful thoughts and important life lessons are available in the multiple verses in the major Shiva Purana Song. A few noteworthy ones to keep in your mind would be as follows.

  • Whatever be the case, self-control is something that can take you to great heights
  • Worldly happiness is always an inferior pursuit
  • Stay calm and focused, irrespective of your surroundings
  • Learning to get over negativity is an important life skill
  • Never tolerate evil quietly

It is just a pinhole view into the huge sea of insights provided by the mighty literary masterpiece.


Unlike the early days, when the only available version was Shiva Purana Sanskrit and limited availability, the classic literary masterpiece is available for anyone seeking it. Hence, take time out of your life to spend time reading through this combined manifestation of religion, science, ethics, and more, all put into one.


Is it good to read Shiv Puran?

Of course! The Shiva Purana is something with a combined and good outlook on the world. Regular reading can bring you good outcomes in all your endeavours.

What is written in the Shiva Purana?

The Shiva Purana includes many stories explaining the happenings in and around the life of Lord Shiva, a Supreme being. Apart from that, there are extensive views on pursuing one’s life effectively. Is Shiva Purana true?

It is a pretty subjective question. Though there are pieces of info suggestive that the stories might be actual happenings, there is no proof per se to back all these up.

How many Shiva Puranas are there?

Due to the huge time frame, the verses and manuscripts were lost and exchanged across several areas. Now, many versions and books have been into existence. However, there are a constant 12 Samhitas to the Shiva Purana, which remains concrete.

What is written in Shiva Purana?

The Shiva Purana exhibits strong and valid views on how a man should lead his life. It has extended info on how one must conduct himself in common life situations, which might be taxing and confusing. It also has interesting stories with hidden messages.

Who wrote the Shiva Purana?

The Shiva Purana was originally taught to Romaharshana by the famous Sage Veda Vyasa. However, many literary experts say that the Sage Vyasa taught only the abridged version.

Because of such importance in religious literature makes them available in digital formats such as Shiva Purana PDFs across online forums.

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