Cryptocurrency in Eldertech a Step too far

Is Cryptocurrency The Right Inclusion to Current Elder Care?

New technologies have garnered the attention of the entire world. One such technology is blockchain technology, which has been in the news for quite some time. The senior care services industry was kept aside from the cryptocurrency market. Still, this industry has been added to the crypto market by introducing various crypto coins, which promise to play a vital role in the senior care services industry.


Carlauren Group’s C-Coin

Carlauren Group’s C-coin has been on the latest cryptocurrency news for the many benefits it provides to seniors. Let’s learn about the facilities they provide:

  • The Carlauren group’s latest cryptocurrency, ‘C-coin’, enables the residents of various resorts and homes to pay for rooms and care services through their virtual currency, the “C-coin.”
  • The company claims C-coin provides an opportunity for seniors and their children to invest in the care of the senior.
  • The company also provides the facility to sell coins later back to Carlauren if the individual or a senior no longer requires them.

This currency is one of the top cryptocurrencies which might play a significant role in the senior care services industry because of the various benefits and opportunities it offers for senior care. However, it is a bit risky, so anyone willing to invest in cryptos for senior care should gather complete information about the company and its past background before investing.


GladAge: A Revolution in Cryptocurrency for Senior Citizens

The senior generation cannot be overlooked, which is why senior care is a critical component of virtual currency. One of the best cryptocurrencies for senior care is GladAge, and let us look at the various benefits it offers:

  • GladAge is a decentralised senior care ecosystem, offering seniors a set of personalised care and fully furnished homes.
  • There is an acute shortage of senior citizen homes, and GladAge resolves this problem in the senior care industry by improving the problem areas.
  • It addresses various issues by putting necessary information on the blockchain, allowing the handing over of control to the senior citizens. They can easily choose particular care of their choice or service which they require and even give a review to the caregivers registered on the platform.
  • It gives single platform access to peer-to-peer transactions for goods and services and finance, which are necessary at a relatively lower cost.

GladAge digital money token is an essential step for digital money to adhere to the senior care industry. The latest virtual currency news regarding its benefits has undoubtedly garnered the attention of senior citizens, which is why new crypto coins are coming up to adhere to the needs of the senior.


Is it a Step Way Too Far?

Cryptocurrencies have been marketed to cater to the needs of senior citizens. Still, there are various concerns related to them regarding ethical and consumer protection, which raises eyebrows that cryptocurrency is still a step too far for senior care. Moreover, senior citizens are not particularly aware of the risks involved while dealing with cryptocurrencies, which would eventually hamper their ability to make thoughtful decisions related to digital currency. So, digital money for senior care might be a step far for now.



Based on the above discussion, the new cryptocurrency has come forward to provide services to the seniors, such as Carlauren Group’s C-coin and GladAge cryptocurrency. But ethical and consumer protection concerns and being unaware of the risks involved in virtual money make it a step too far for senior care.



Which industry has been added to the crypto market by introducing Crypto coins?

The senior care industry has been added to the Crypto market by introducing various new crypto coins.


How does Carlauren Group’s C-coin cater to senior care?

Carlauren Group’s C-coin provides an opportunity for various residents of Homes designed by Carlauren lifestyle to pay for their services through C-coin, their very own digital currency.


How does Gladage Cryptocurrency provide senior care?

Gladage Cryptocurrency gives control to senior citizens, allows them to choose particular care or service, and gives the review to caregivers registered on the platform.


Why is a cryptocurrency for senior care a step way too far?

Ethical and consumer protection concerns and also  senior citizens are unaware of the risks involved with cryptocurrencies, making it a step yet far for cryptocurrencies to be used in the senior care industry.

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