#InspiringTuesday: Entrepreneurial Life Journey of Mr. Arjun Malhotra, Co-Founder HCL & Headstrong

Dedicated to providing the best of elderly care in India, at Emoha, it is always #EldersFirst. As World Senior Citizen’s Day 2021 gets closer, Emoha has something special in store for everyone! With India’s first ever Elders First Festival, Emoha plans to celebrate the rich life our elders have experienced with unique festivities to enrich your evenings!

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Introducing Elder Hour

The 15th of June 2021 marked the beginning of a 10-week long gala to celebrate aging and all the elders of the country. With many engaging and fun activities planned for the elderly and their loved ones, the Emoha Experience is all about celebrating and strengthening the special bond that exists between parents and their children. Every week, from Tuesday to Saturday (7:25 PM to 8:25 PM), Emoha invites all elders and their families to be a part of Elder Hour, a virtual get together where you can learn from experts, sing-along, share beautiful memories, and enjoy new friendships. The 10-week-long festival will culminate on the 21st of August i.e. on World Senior Citizen’s Day.

Positive Thoughts for Tuesday with Mr Arjun Malhotra, HCL Co-Founder

The 15th of June that is celebrated as Motivational Tuesday, officially kick-started the 10-week celebration with a special guest, the co-founder of HCL and TechSpan, and ex-chairman of Headstrong, Mr Arjun Malhotra, who was joined by his daughter Poorva and son Shiven in the very first event of the Elders First Festival by Emoha. Apart from an admirable entrepreneurial life, being the co-founder of TechSpan and HCL, Mr Arjun Malhotra is also an active supporter of several premium educational institutions and co-chair of the Global Pan IIT Alumni Association and is on the Board of Governors of Doon School. He is also one of the most energetic mentors at Emoha, always happy to help, imparting new energy into everyone and everything around him.

Mr Arjun Malhotra’s Motivational Tuesday: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Join in as Mr Arjun Malhotra offers you a sneak peek into his life as he talks, not about his entrepreneurial life or about winning the Albert Einstein Technology Medal, but about his childhood that he spent in Calcutta, frolicking from Kyd Street to Southern Avenue. With his father in the army and his mother working as a medical doctor, his childhood was mostly spent with his maternal grandparents. With nothing but admiration and nostalgia, Mr Arjun Malhotra reminisces about his childhood, parents, and grandparents, and how they helped him become who he is today. He credits his grandparents a lot, especially for helping him hone his mathematical acumen, which of course played a significant role in his later life.

In conversation with Emoha, Mr Malhotra remembers his grandfather’s passing when he was 7, their move to Delhi, and the monumental decision where he decided to switch from the education sector to entrepreneurship. He looks back as he recollects the support he received from his parents, even as other relatives thought it absurd for him to quit a stable job at DCM, the fourth largest company in India at the time.

He remembered how his mother even backed him financially as he forayed into uncharted waters, and how his grandmother allowed him to use her ‘barsati’ in Golf Links where she lived. This was the place Mr Arjun Malhotra started his entrepreneurial journey. His grandmother even at times acted as their receptionist for visitors. During this phase, Arjun Malhotra learned a lot, especially about the importance of family in an elder’s life.

While children around the world want better facilities, including medical, emergency, and support services for their elders, all elders ask for is some time with their family – a single call every day to just say hi! Emoha’s Elder Hour asks for a pledge or commitment that every son and daughter should make, dedicating this one hour to their parents every day, whether it’s a call or a visit. Like the much-extolled apple, a call every day can also help keep the doctor away!