Discussing Everything We Need To Know About Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality is the enigma of the modern world. People spend their lives searching for the “True Meaning of Life.” We adopt several ways to get close to our inner self and the universe. Many ancient texts suggest our mind and universe are interconnected, and Hinduism has been a stalwart in Spiritual philosophy.

Later, Gautam Buddha blessed us with elaborate ways to achieve complete detachment from the material world. Today, people get caught in the reveries of the world and lose themselves, and it leads them in search of the true meaning so they can attain peace and contentment. Lately, Spirituality and divinity have come to the forefront of affairs. People now go to religious places, read theological scriptures and meet sadhus and gurus to get their questions answered. But what is Spiritual Awakening? This article will try to unearth the science behind this concept.


What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening does not have an objective definition, and it is more of a cultural thing. It is quite exciting to notice that different civilisations flourished in different regions in the ancient world. None of these civilisations had contact with each other until the discovery of trade routes. Still, we see that scriptures written by these civilisations have a few similar things. The notion of monarchy, religion, marriage, etc., was found in all the cultures

Similarly, the earliest era of every religion has seen some prominent religious leaders who have educated the masses on life and death. Many philosophers came after those who tried to answer the famous existential question, “Why?” Every culture has a different name for Spiritual Awakening and a further understanding.

Many parts of the world refer to Spiritual Awakening as “Nirvana.” In some other regions, religious gurus refer to it as “bliss” or “awake”. However, this notion was only popular in the Indian subcontinent region. When the westerners came here, they tried to read more into the popular folklore and scriptures. However, Carl Jung was the one who introduced the West to the idea of Spiritual Awakening

When we summarise all the texts, we find that the crude understanding of Spiritual Awakening means rising to higher consciousness. We gained cognitive revolution about 10,000 years ago, and for a long time, humans became occupied with different inventions and everything.

However, only around 2500 years ago, philosophers realised that there is more to our understanding of reality. Once a person starts to question his reality, he embarks on the journey of Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual Awakening Test & Triggers

The main question that arises now is how do people decide that they want to embark on the journey of Spiritual Awakening? That is to say, what could be the triggering reasons? Do people wake up one day and decide that they want to find the absolute truth? What about those gurus who have seen the purpose of living?

What encouraged the sadhus to give up everything and leave to search for the meaning of life? These are some of the questions that theological laymen ask. Is it possible for a perfectly healthy and privileged man to find a Spiritual Awakening in himself? The answers to all the above questions are not universal.

Trigger points depend on every individual. Also, any event can trigger the quest within us, which usually involve moving out of the house, the death of a loved one, a deadly accident, etc. However, most of the time, the trigger point is spontaneous. The existential question can strike us at any moment, and sometimes the trigger point could be the Spiritual good morning images.

We may be living the best moments when the Spiritual Awakening hits us. Psychologists have a different opinion on this matter. They believe that a traumatic experience mostly acts as a trigger point for the Awakening.

A daunting experience can lead us to search for bigger questions. By traumatic experience, we mean something like a terminal illness, war, pandemics, etc. To summarise, any event that forces you to change your perception of life can lead you to a Spiritual Awakening. It means that you are looking at your life from a moral and spiritual perspective.


Spiritual Awakening Stages & Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening does not mean a sudden alarm or change, and the changes are not physical and visible. All the changes come from within on a very personal level, and they may cause due to spiritual good morning quotes in Hindi. If you feel sceptical about your Awakening, here are some symptoms to help you realise your mental state:


1. Feeling of disconnection

One of the early signs of Awakening is the feeling of detachment. Once you achieve Spiritual Awakening, you will feel confused. The most gloomy feeling is when everything looks like a big lie.

Everything you have experienced, every action you have taken, every material you have owned, and every principle you have followed until the Awakening will seem phoney. Therefore, you may feel disconnected from the world and the people, and things you used to enjoy will not please you anymore.


2. Reevaluating your beliefs

Few things in our lives are pre-decided, such as our religion, race, parents, family, etc. We have no choice over these identities associated with us right from birth. Therefore, our beliefs stem from the religion we follow and our family’s ideals.

A moment of Awakening may lead you to reject all your existing beliefs and ideals. You may start feeling closer to a different religion altogether, and this religion may align better with your mental state. The biggest noticeable diversion is renouncing material things such as jobs, cars, etc.


3. Meaningful dreams

We dream about things recorded by our subconscious mind most of the time. Therefore, there is hardly any meaning to them, and we forget about them as soon as we wake up.

However, after the Spiritual Awakening, you will experience better dreams. Dreams will be more vivid and detailed. You will be able to connect your vision with your journey to Awakening.


4. Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

People who have experienced Spiritual Awakening say that they feel closer to nature and the universe, which means they experience the power of their minds. Strength of mind here means you will run into the person you thought about or notice symmetry in random things.

One of the commonly reported Spiritually awakened ones is the sighting of angel numbers. So, if you are going through this religious experience, you could be on the path to Spiritual Awakening. Also, incidents of frequent deja vu are not uncommon


5. Changes in Relationship

Your relationship dynamics with your loved ones will change. This transformation may not resonate with people close to you. The feeling of not being understood by your loved ones will grow stronger every day.

Relatives may think that you have changed quite a lot. Psychologists suggest that you should ask your loved ones to understand your state and respect your thoughts in such a case. You should also explain that they don’t have to align themselves with your beliefs.


6. Causes of Spiritual Awakening

Once you experience the Awakening, there will be no going back. You will start feeling more connected with your soul. Therefore, your life’s purpose may morph with your newly found ideals. You will irk to know more about the greater force within you. Your quest to search for answers to bigger questions will grow. You will dive deep into your Spirituality to uncover greater truths about life.


7. Strong intuition

Psychologists suggest that intuition results from our subconscious brain running a lot of algorithms and suggesting a probable outcome, and the calculation help with data collected through an individual’s experience. When a person gets in touch with his Spiritual self, his mind grows stronger.

Focus and concentration improve. Hence, the mind’s performance improves. The intuitions become stronger. Your instincts will start getting on point as you get closer to your Spiritual Awakening.


How to Have a Spiritual Awakening?

The world is full of phoney and pretentious people. But often, this pretentiousness is so well masked that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. However, once you experience Spiritual Awakening, your way of looking at the world will change.

You will start noticing the lies that people tell, and you will be able to know if anyone can manipulate you now. Safe to say, you will develop a gift within you. Therefore, if you feel you have been catching people’s true intentions quite frequently, you may be on the path to Spiritual Awakening.

As you move closer to the truth, you will want more and more people to know. Your urge to give back to society will grow stronger every day. You will feel that the true purpose of life lies in the service of others. You will not discriminate between living beings




How does Spiritual Awakening feel?

Spiritual Awakening depends from person to person, and anyone who attains a higher level of consciousness is Spiritual. A Source of Spirituality can be anything that motivates you to search for bigger truths.


How do you know you have a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening means getting detached from the material world and getting in touch with the soul.


What is meant by Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening means rising to higher consciousness.


What are the five stages of Spiritual Awakening?

 1. Disillusionment

2. Renunciation

3. Initial Spiritual Awakening

4. Practising Spiritual Awakening

5. Crystallisation


 What are the first signs of Spiritual Awakening,and how do you feel?

The feeling of disconnection and detachment are the first signs of Spiritual Awakening. You feel it when material things don’t bring you joy anymore

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