what activities elders can do during lockdown

Covid-19 Lockdown? No Worries, Make the Most of This Time by Doing This

The most important thing to take care of right now is our mental health. The quarantine mode has taken a toll on our mental health, especially of our elders.

But we all need to stay strong and it is our request to all elders there to stay strong and stay calm. We are there with you!

In order to free you from the boredom and monotony of self-isolation, we have come up with a list of things that can be taken up by anyone, be it a child or an elder.

The first most important thing to do is – Stay Connected.

It’s ok if we are inside our homes, we can still remain connected with our family and friends, thanks to technology. You can video call via WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, make normal calls to anyone and everyone who you’re missing.

Time to unfold your creativity:

Let that buried creativity inside you pop out. Try your hand at whatever interests you, be it art, craft, sketching, drawing, writing, composing poems etc.

Try your hand at cooking:

There are many who love cooking but never got time to explore this hidden talent of theirs. Well, now is the perfect time. Start cooking, try out different recipes, make your family try it, and get feedback and who knows you might become the next Gordon Ramsay.

Yoga and meditation to your rescue:

Yoga is the best way to de-stress. It not only improves one’s health but also strengthens the immunity. There are numerous videos on Youtube that you can watch. Begin with simple yoga exercises such as anulom vilom, kapalbhati and bid farewell to stress

Star writing:

Writing is one of the best ways to cope with trauma and improve mood. Write about anything on earth, write about yourself or pen down a love letter for your spouse.

Play board games:

It’s the best time to relive your childhood days. Challenge your better-half to a game of chess or ludo or carrom. Try solving a puzzle. 

Read your favourite book:

Reading eases the tension in one’s muscles and reduces stress so it’s time to take out your favourite book that is there on the shelf since long and take a deep dive into it.

Pick up that abandoned hobby:

In this fast-paced world, we could not stick to our favourite hobbies. Now is this time to pick up your long lost hobby and fall in love with it again.

These are just handful of suggestions. Dance, listen to your favourite songs, learn a new language, try in-room gardening, watching favourite shows or listening to TED talks, in short, do whatever you like. Do not let isolation overpower you, in fact conquer it with such activities.

One of the best things we would suggest you is to watch Emoha’s Ministry of Happiness (MOH) channel, a virtual channel exclusively for elders. 

Quarantine or no quarantine, our love for elders will never be quarantined. Going by our value of doing the best thing for elders, we have come up with this channel wherein our in-house doctor, dieticians along with guest experts inform elders about things related to health, diet as well as entertain them via video conferencing. 

You can join our MOH channel on Zoom App with the meeting id: 271 879 5169

Install Zoom App on your phone or laptop/computer by clicking here:


We understand that the current situation is difficult, but it all depends on our mind. We can turn the situation in our favour and make the most of this time on our hands. With Emoha Eldercare, turn this lockdown into a fun phase and make these days the best days of your life.