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10 Amazing Gift Ideas For Beginners Not Knowing How To Draw or Paint

Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts

No matter the occasion—whether it is a birthday, anniversary, celebration, or any other special occasion—a personalised and handcrafted gift will always be a charming and private present for your loved ones. If you want to surprise your favorite person on their special occasion with something you created and feel you have the skills for it, nothing says ‘I care about you more than a homemade gift.


You will find something in the list of suggestions below because it includes ideas for all ability levels. This collection is for you if you want to learn simple art to help you advance your skills.

1. Greeting Cards/Letters: Sending greeting cards or letters shows that you care. One advantage of greeting cards is that everyone enjoys receiving an envelope with their name. Remembering that you’re valued because someone took the time to design and make a card just for you is excellent. In the internet age, they provide a platform for emotional expression and social interaction. It can be simple or elaborate as you have the skill and time. So go grab that card paper and do a personalised Art and craft for your loved ones.


2. Mandala Art Painting Frames: The mandala is regarded as folk art proven through scientific studies to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, soothe depression, and reduce stress and pain. It can also be considered a modern art painting. Drawing and painting your mandala, whether for a frame, a bottle, or a mandala mirror, can be soothing for you and the recipient. You can simply draw a mandala design, paint or colour it and then frame and gift it to someone. If you cannot draw a design, you can get a print online and then Paint and frame it.


3. Statement Walls: Many spend a fortune on wall decors or photo wallpaper for a ‘statement wall,’ whether it’s a picture of a forest, the New York City skyline, or a fairy castle for their child’s room. On a dreary Sunday afternoon, you may simply design or paint one for a friend or member of your family. Another extremely wonderful present that you should save for folks you know well and/or discuss with their spouse is this one. Naturally, the beach setting doesn’t have to be flawlessly accurate. Even just the outlines, if you’re a novice or don’t have much time, may look wonderful on a wall and add something distinctive to the space. If you don’t know their choices that well, you can always ask and discuss first. Not all gifts have to be a surprise.


4. Custom Diaries: Personalised diaries can be an amazing gift for friends, coworkers, or clients. For record-keeping purposes, most people carry diaries. They are utilised for a variety of purposes. Additionally, there are several types of diaries, including those for travel, cuisine, personal writing, exercise, and others. You can grab a plain diary and paint it with design or try your hands at quilling art on it, making a personalised something special for someone. You can also add a customised DIY bookmark for them along with the diary.


5. Hand-made Paintings: Gifting a painting is best when trying something unique for someone. Hand-made painting can create a very good impression if you want to go on the edge and do something unique and memorable for that special someone. You can try your hands on pen art, stencil art, folk art, pop art, pencil art, or something like abstract art. The receiver can proudly hang your paintings on the wall and always remember you the next time they look at them.


6. DIY Gift: Gifts crafted by hand convey a sense of intimacy. You must take time to consider the person’s choice and preferences, such as their preferred colour or style. It appears you gave careful thought to what would make them happy. It might be as straightforward as clay art, bottle art, or as elaborate as zentangle art. Gifts made from scratch with hand. Convey a sense of individuality. You can take the time to consider the person’s preferences, such as their preferred colour or style. It appears you gave careful thought to what would make them happy.


7. Best out of waste: Recycling is a magical process that transforms commonplace items into exceptional ones. Using things that are no longer wanted is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and produce something original. You can make a gift that will wow someone by engaging in simple art and craftwork. That would demonstrate that you put your heart and thought into your task. In this way, you are also saving on cost, utilising resources to the fullest and saving the environment by creating less waste.


8. Sketch Paintings: What could be better than giving someone their portrait as a gift? If you possess the lovely skill of sketch art, a sketch painting of a loved one could be a surprise present for them. It can be on a simple white paper or as extravagant as a beautiful canvas.


9. Customised Goodies: Nowadays, giving someone a personalised product truly adds a personal and intimate touch to it. It could be a simple white T-shirt that has been painted or customised with something unique to that person, or it could be a fabulous pair of sneakers with pen art on them. You may test out your art skills and designs on any specific item, such as a t-shirt, coffee mug, or a pair of sneakers, and your recipient will be pleased to show it out.


10. Customised Packaging: Of course, it need not always be difficult and time-consuming. No one has time to make gifts for every one of their friends and family on the weekends because we all lead busy lives. Even if the gift is bought in a store, putting a personal touch on it can make all the difference. The most straightforward approach is to purchase plain or elegant wrapping paper and decorate it. You can also add subtle hints about the contents to make it look extraordinary and tempting.


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So, get those paints and craft supplies and create something lovely for your loved ones that they can proudly display in their homes and show off to others. Please share any other suggestions for gifts based on talent with us in the section below. Share this with your Artsy and creative friends and let them know about it.



What if they don’t like the choice of your design for their statement walls?

Well, if you know them up close, you are more likely to understand their choice and tastes, but still, if you don’t first discuss this idea with them, you can also take their Suggestions on the same. Not every gift has to be a surprise., and because sometimes surprises can backfire too.


Where can I get the materials for the Best out-of-waste gift?

You can easily get those at your own home, and it consists of items/Things we are most likely to discard. For example, you can paint it with left-out cardboard boxes, ice cream sticks, and used glass bottles.


What If I’m not sure I can make a good sketch or painting?

You can always give it a shot before jumping to a conclusion. Even if it is not perfect, your receiver will love it because you have put so much of your hard work into it. After all, the effort and the intention are what matter.


How do I decide which type of gift to choose from the above options?

First, you can analyse your options as to which one would best suit you, one that won’t require more time and cost, so you can save on that. It will help you to plan your gift accordingly.


Can I make it customisable from someone else?

Of course. If you are not confident enough that you would be able to make any of these things, you can make them customised from some local vendors or shops. There are many small businesses that indulge in these gifts. This way, you are making it customised and contributing to the small vendors.


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