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27th Jul 2022
The Pain in Your Feet May Be Due to Cholestrol

Wondering How Cholesterol Hurts Your Feet? Here are 3 Ways

High cholesterol levels are a common find amongst the elderly, which entails they. have higher concentrations of saturated fat in their body. This is a recipe for certain dangerous conditions that result in foot pain or discomfort. Let’s take a look at three different ways in which high cholesterol might be the cause of your foot ache along with tips for foot care to help recuperate from them.


1. Cholesterol might block your arteries and limit blood flow

High cholesterol might create a tingling sensation which could be a potential sign of arterial disease. Cholesterol hurts your arteries and limits blood flow in the following ways:

  • Arteries might become narrow due to the building up of plaque, eventually leading to Peripheral Arterial Disease( PAD), which hardens your leg’s arteries and limits blood flow to your feet.
  • Walking might become painful, and you might experience cramps if you suffer from PAD. There are also slight chances that your feet might change colour, or you may start facing hair loss.
  • Footcare at home is essential since PAD increases the risk of heart attack and strokes, and your lifestyle can be changed entirely because of the disease.

Therefore, it is essential to notice if you are experiencing any such symptoms and take immediate medication if they are observed.


2. Cholesterol might lead to diabetes and eventually cause nerve damage.

It has been found in various reports that people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes have increased levels of Triglycerides and High cholesterol levels, which makes foot care in diabetes very essential. Nerve damage can cause the loss of feeling in the feet. Nerve damage can cause numbness in your feet and a pins/needles sensation that can affect your feet. Cholesterol causes nerve damage in the following ways:

  • High levels of Bad Cholesterol and low levels of Good Cholesterol can change the behaviour of cells and, with time, can result in Neuropathy and nerve damage.
  • High sugar diets can cause an increased risk of different kinds of Cardiovascular diseases, which can severely hamper your feet.

Diabetes patients also have a slower recovery speed as their cells take more time to heal and regenerate, which is why diabetic foot care is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Because rising cholesterol levels might lead to diabetes and, eventually, nerve damage that can seriously damage your feet, gentle foot care should be added to one’s daily routine.


3. High Cholesterol levels can cause Fat Deposits.

Fat deposits in the feet are a common occurrence for people with overall high cholesterol levels. Higher cholesterol levels can cause fat deposits in the following ways:

  • Familial hypercholesterolemia, which refers to high cholesterol being passed on from generation to generation, is caused by a mutation in the genes, which causes fatty deposits in your feet.
  • If you follow a diet filled with high saturation of trans fat, then it would eventually lead to a rise in bad cholesterol levels, adversely affecting your health.
  • One of the acute symptoms of familial cholesterol is the high cholesterol deposits that start to develop in the Achilles tendon or the stiff elbow tendons. Larger cholesterol deposits cause unfortunate effects on the nerves, eventually causing a tingling sensation and an increase in the fatty deposits in your feet, making you uncomfortable while walking or doing daily routine exercises.

Following a foot care routine is essential when you have high cholesterol levels. Indulging a foot massage or using various tools is necessary to relax your feet and keep them healthy consistently. These are the three ways high cholesterol can hurt your feet, but you could avoid these problems if you take proper care of your feet and indulge in foot care procedures regularly.

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Based on the above discussion, high cholesterol can hurt your feet in three ways: it might block your arteries and limit blood flow or lead to diabetes and cause nerve damage. It can also cause fat deposits, which is why efficient foot care is a must.



Why is footcare important in diabetes?

People with diabetes are generally prone to reduced blood circulation, and nerve damage or nerve disease, which is why taking proper care of your feet is essential.


Why does nerve damage happen? How do the feet feel during nerve damage?

Nerve Damage happens when a person has high cholesterol and diabetes levels. You will feel numbness in your feet or a pin and needles tingling sensation when there is nerve damage in your feet.


What is Familial Hypercholesterolemia?

It refers to high cholesterol passing on from one generation to another due to gene mutation.


What is PAD? What effect does it cause on your legs?

PAD ( Peripheral Arterial Disease) is when arteries become narrower due to the building up of Plaque. PAD eventually hardens your legs and limits the flow of blood to your feet which is why foot care is important.