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17th Mar 2022

What we know so far about the newly discovered Covid-19 variant in Israel

Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly once again around the world.  More than 3 thousand cases are being registered daily in China for the last several days.  On the one hand, the number of corona in China is increasing rapidly and on the other hand Israel has confirmed a new variant of corona.

Two cases of a new variant of covid-19 have been reported in Israel on Wednesday. In such a situation, the world is not understanding how to react to this new variant. This variant has been detected at a time when covid cases are increasing rapidly in China. It is worth noting that there has been no response from the World Health Organization on the new variants of corona found in Israel so far.

 What is the new variant?

According to reports, the new strain of corona virus is associated with two sub-variants of Omicron. These two sub variants are known as BA.1 and BA.2. Two people found positive from the new variant had arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Israel. In the investigation of both these passengers, new variants of Corona have been detected.

What are the symptoms of new variants of Corona?

Fever, headache and mild symptoms of muscular dystrophy have been seen in people infected with the new variant of the corona. It is a matter of relief that the patients of the new variants of Corona do not need any kind of medical facility.

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