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25th Nov 2022
BB Cream

Is There a Difference Between BB, CC, and DD Creams? When Should We Use Them?

Though you must have heard of DD, BB, and CC cream varieties, you may not know their differences. The purpose for which they are formulated and when to apply BB, CC, and DD cream varieties are some of the points discussed below.


What are BB creams?

BB stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm”. BB creams are used for sheer coverage or to cover up any spots or scars on the face. They have properties like those of a moisturiser and a foundation.

Advantages of BB creams: Applying BB cream will take care of all facial imperfections with a blemish balm effect. With moisturising properties, they offer hydration with skin care. Most BB cream types have an SPF value added, which allows sun protection. The antioxidant content available protects from external pollutants too.

When to apply BB cream?

BB creams are perfect when you want to cover up some blemishes on your facial skin. Applying BB cream will provide an even skin tone for dry skin too. It may be used daily as it moisturises, covers up the spots, and gives protection from sunlight.


What are CC creams?

CC creams are ‘Colour Correcting’ varieties that provide an even skin complexion. The major difference between BB and CC cream varieties is that CC creams are lighter than BB creams, whilst BB creams offer better skin care.

Advantages of CC creams: These ‘complexion corrector’ creams can hide any redness, pigmentation, or dull skin tone. They may also be used under a foundation cream to blot any uneven skin tone.

When to apply CC creams?

It can be used as a primer underneath regular makeup as it takes care of any skin pigmentation or unevenness in skin tone.


What is DD cream?

DD creams are ‘Daily Defense’ creams that provide daily protection against sun damage. They have SPF 30 or SPF 50 factors that offer sun protection. They also have anti-ageing properties and are hence also called ‘Dynamic Do all’ creams.

Advantages of DD creams: The anti-ageing properties and available SPF factors are significant DD cream benefits. Vitamin E is added to these creams, which helps combat free radical damage to mature skin. They are perfect for sensitive skin as they offer sun protection.

How to use DD cream?

Applying a DD cream daily on mature skin will help even out fine lines and wrinkles, if any. It may be applied with a sponge or clean fingertips. Besides adding an instant glow to the face, its varieties offer skin nourishment, too, with anti-wrinkle benefits.



The significant difference between BB, CC and DD creams is that BB creams hide blemishes, CC creams offer an even skin tone, whilst DD creams provide anti-ageing properties. The major difference between DD cream and foundation is that DD creams are lighter, offer sun protection, and take care of the wrinkles or fine lines on the face. Foundation creams are heavy and can thus cover wrinkles and blemishes and change skin tone.


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What is DD cream used for?

DD cream is used for its anti-ageing properties and sun protection.

Is DD cream a moisturiser?

DD creams are used to heal wrinkles and fine lines. The best DD cream varieties have anti-ageing properties and sun protection properties.

Is DD cream suitable for daily use?

DD creams are excellent for daily use as repeated application can remove the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

How do you use DD makeup cream?

Apply the DD cream all over the face and neck.