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5th Apr 2021

7 Innovative Health Safety Gadgets for Senior Citizens

Over the last few years, society has undergone a major change where technology has managed to penetrate almost every aspect of life. Whether it is about networking and connectivity, or about the several health gadgets flooding the market, there have been numerous innovations in recent times that have helped make life easier for one and all. And In a society where everyone is harnessing the power of technology to make life more convenient, it is not hard to see why smart health gadgets for senior citizens are also gaining a lot of popularity.

Ageing is an undeniable part of life as is the steady decline of one’s capabilities as time passes. A task that may have been a piece of cake once upon a time, may seem herculean in old age. To cater to the evolving needs of senior citizens, today, there are several health and wellness gadgets available in the market, which are designed especially for the elderly to help make their daily lives more convenient. So, if you are on the lookout for some useful gadgets for your older parents or grandparents, here is a list of the best health gadgets that you may consider:

1.    Pill Dispenser

The pill dispenser is one of the best health gadgets for senior citizens. It is a fact that as one ages, bouts of forgetfulness become quite common as one’s cognitive abilities feel the brunt of passing time. Almost inevitably, with advancing age, senior’s need to rely on medication to be able to maintain one’s health. The medication may include something simple like multivitamins or it may include pills for serious ailments like blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

A pill dispenser offers the perfect solution for this. This electronic health gadget dispenses the right medication at the right time, so no important pills are forgotten. There are several types of pill dispensers available, which once stocked, can dispense pills for up to 90 days (depending on the size of the pills).

These healthcare gadgets not only dispense pills but can also alert the caretaker when they are running low and need to be refilled. So, if your older parents or grandparents forget to take their pills, the dispenser will sound an alarm to remind them, and if they forget that they have already taken their pills, the dispenser will safeguard them from taking them again. The pill dispenser is a perfect example of modern gadgets for old people that can go a long way in simplifying the lives of senior citizens.

2.    Heart Rate Monitor

A boon to have for senior citizens, heart rate monitors are very popular health gadgets. These are monitors that do not require any extra sensors and can simply be worn on the wrist like a watch. The heart rate is one of the most important indicators of one’s health and overall fitness. Apart from this, as a person grows older their risk of suffering from cardiovascular issues, like coronary disease, stroke, heart attack, or even heart failure, also increases. That is why heart rate monitors are considered to be important health gadgets for the elderly. The best part about these medical gadgets is that they are available in numerous types, from simple monitors that track the wearer’s heart rate, oxygen levels, calories burned, etc. to ones with extra capabilities like music players, sleep and activity trackers, and more. These electronic health gadgets are also designed to send off alerts in case they register any anomaly. So, depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the particular model for your parents or grandparents that you think is the most suitable and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

3.    Fall Detector

With age come a number of issues that earlier were not there. One of the most common issues is problems with mobility, which apart from making movement difficult can also result in falls. There are many gadgets for the elderly like four prong canes and walkers that can help senior citizens in walking, but they too can not prevent falls completely. This is when the need for healthcare gadgets that can ensure that the elderly receive the assistance they need is felt. A fall detector is a gadget for old people that may fit the bill in such situations. This health gadget for the elderly is designed to detect a fall based on one’s body movements. The gadget then sends an alarm to the caregivers along with the elderly’s geographic location to ensure that timely help is received, which helps minimise the negative influence of the fall to a certain extent.

4.    Safety Sensors for the Home

As people grow older, they become more likely to be targeted as victims of a crime. Installing sensors for home safety and security is an idea with a lot of merit in this regard. The market is full of various sensors and gadgets for the elderly, with various capabilities and features, which can offer you and the elderly at home some peace of mind. The most common safety gadgets for senior citizens include motion sensor alarms that detect unwanted presence, door and window alarms to detect intrusion, fire and smoke alert sensors, gas leakage sensors, etc. These gadgets for seniors are also designed to send alerts via call and SMS to the caregivers in case they register anything out of the ordinary.

5.    Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are medical gadgets for the home that can prove to be very useful in times of emergencies. If an elderly person slips and falls or faces any other problem where they are unable to call for help, all they would need to do is reach the nearest panic button. These medical gadgets for the home can be installed in easy to access locations all over the home of the elderly to ensure they can get assistance in an emergency. Generally, on being activated, it not only sends an alert to the concerned person, but also sets off a piercing alarm and a flashing LED light at a 30-second interval to alert anyone nearby that there is an emergency. Panic buttons are very important gadgets for seniors, especially if they are living on their own.

6.    Hearing Aid

Loss of hearing is another common problem that may come with old age. However, auditory gadgets for senior citizens are not a new invention. Hearing aids have been around for a long time now and have already proved their mettle as being important gadgets for old people. However, with a number of advancements in technology, hearing aids too are no longer how they used to be.

Counted among the most common gadgets for old people, hearing aids have advanced significantly in recent years. Not only are hearing aids designed to be more comfortable but they are now also not dependant on single-use batteries. These medical gadgets are now rechargeable and can be juiced up just like a phone. Some of the more significant features that these medical gadgets get in their latest versions include wireless connectivity to Android and iPhone devices, own voice processing, white noise cancellation and more.

7.    BP Monitor

A BP monitor is one of the most important health and wellness gadgets for every home. Even if a person is not being treated for hypertension, these health gadgets can help assess an older person’s health. The blood pressure and pulse rate are the most basic vitals that need regular checking. A BP monitor is easy to use and can be used by the elderly person easily and conveniently. These health gadgets help track changes in the BP and pulse rate without having to visit the doctor every time. Tracking sudden rises or drops in the vitals can intimate a healthcare professional about any serious issues that the patient may be suffering from. These health gadgets can also prove to be quite useful when the elderly person is feeling unwell. If calling for medical assistance or advice, being able to tell the healthcare provider the BP and pulse rate of the elderly person puts them in a better position to suggest a course of action.

There is no dearth of helpful items for the elderly that can help make their lives more convenient. You can choose from among the top health gadgets and safety gadgets for older people and ensure peace of mind for everyone concerned.

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