Get Familiar with Eye Cataract

I started to learn more about cataract and other possible diseases elder people may suffer from. Through this blog, I would want to share some small yet crucial information that I learned about eye cataract.  

An eye cataract is one of the most prevailing defects that elders suffer from. As the name says, it occurs in the eye and causes trouble with the vision. Some of the symptoms of eye cataract include:

  • Foggy vision
  • Unable to differentiate between colours
  • Lower vision at night 
  • Sensitivity towards glare
  • Frequent changes in the eye gears

If you experience more than one symptom mentioned above, you must get your eyes checked. The symptoms could be of cataract. If you get the eyes examined early, you can start cataract’s treatment early and can avoid the pain of surgery. 

Some of the predominant causes of eye cataract that you must keep in mind are 

  • Old age
  • Health issues like diabetes, arthritis
  • Inadequate intake of alcohol
  • Smoking 
  • Eye surgery in the past or radiation therapy on the upper body 

If you do suffer from cataract, you can consult an eye specialist for cataract’s treatment. 

Though surgery is the only cataract’s treatment, it depends on the condition. Apart from surgery, other treatments available for cataract are 

  • Home treatment: It includes better lights at home, wear anti-glare gears, use of magnifying glass for regular activities. 
  • New eye gear: In early stages, new eyewear prescribed by your doctor shows amazing results with this defect.

Surgery is the last option chosen by doctors when it comes to cataract’s treatment. It is done only when cataract creates an issue for you in managing your daily chores. 

Emoha Elder Care can assist you with everything related to this medical condition, be it arranging for eye check-up, getting you in touch with an ophthalmologist, surgery or any other need. 

Our comprehensive care plans are designed to cater to every elder who is in need of health support.

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