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geriatric care
Emoha Elder Care

In India, there are nearly 120 million elderly people with various physical, psychosocial, economic, and spiritual problems. While the functionally and cognitively fit elderly can access usual health-care facilities available, these people need an active aging program to keep them independent. This is where geriatric care comes into play. 

With increasing age, the number of people living well past 80 grows in turn growing the need for those with an aging expertise. Gerontology nurses are nurses who specialize in gerontology and work in many different settings including private practices, personal homes, and nursing homes. These nurses specialise in geriatric care and geriatric medicine both to provide the older adults with specialized care and geriatric nursing and a high quality of life. 


Functionally and cognitively fit elderly are physically and mentally fit to be independent and may be fit enough to even work and earn. Main concern for these elderly is the need for more health promotional activities. These include geriatric medicine, nutrition, physical activity, social contact, psychological support, and activities for the brain. 


For elderly with mild functional limitations or mild cognitive impairment, assistance for living is needed. They usually fall in the age group of 70–80 years. Geriatric care in many forms like support with Meals on Wheels, special transport, need for assistance for hospital visits or support for physical rehabilitation is required for these people.


Since their healthcare needs are enormous they need special geriatric clinics where they are comprehensively assessed and rehabilitated. Other helpful aids to their betterment are physiotherapy, psychological support, and constant medical help. In case of decline in functional or cognitive status, they may need hospitalization and full time geriatric nursing.


Elderly with severe functional limitations or cognitive limitations are absolute candidates for receiving home geriatric care or hospice care. Home members need to be trained in caregiving and also it is almost essential to hire training home care providers for geriatric nursing. A need for home health care programs for these elderly with doctors, geriatric medicine specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratory services, and pharmacy services at home for these elderly. 


Emoha Elder Care provides comprehensive health care services at home for the elderly. With nurses specialized in geriatric nursing and geriatric medicine, Emoha helps elderly by assuring them that they are living independently with assistance. There is a need for palliative care setup along with geriatric nursing for such elderly which care angels (nurses) of Emoha are well trained for. The goal of care is to keep them comfortable in their own surroundings or keep them comfortable in hospices allowing them to receive the best possible care.


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