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13th Jan 2021

Brain Exercise to Improve Memory

Nobody does better multitasking than the brain. The brain is involved in everything you do; from waking up in the morning to going back to bed at night, your brain is always on duty. Now, just so it works so hard to keep your life going, it needs some good care too.

Keeping the brain healthy is essential to improve memory, ensure normal functioning of the brain, and focus on daily tasks. No matter how young or old you may be, your brain demands attention at all ages, which is why it is advised to follow exercises to improve memory and concentration regularly.

Studies have found that mental health and brain sharpness can be improved with brain exercises, no matter what age you are. Brain workouts and memory exercises help boost your memory, concentration and focus on making daily tasks easier.

Want to know how to improve brainpower? Read below to get an insight into various cognitive exercises.

Brain Sharpening Exercises

Brain training exercises are believed to boost mental health, helping your mind to stay active and energized. Following are the brain training exercises to help you have good mental health.

1. Meditate

Studies have found that mindfulness meditation helps engage new neural pathways, resulting in better observational skills and improved mental health and flexibility. Effective meditation can help improve attention, immunity, and focus. A regular cycle of meditation helps increase the capacity of working memory. Meditation is linked to making your body calm, regulate breathing, and reduces stress and anxiety.

2. Socialize & Have Fun

Researchers say that socializing and learning new dance moves to have fun helps promote the brain’s processing speed and memory. Going out and getting involved in dance, games, and other engagement activities are great exercises for the brain. To give your mental health a boost, you may try dancing, partying, or going out with your friends to keep your brain actively engaged.

3. Exercise

A sound body keeps a sound mind. We all have grown up hearing this phrase from our elders, and now is the time to bring it to action. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body, so it is essential to follow exercises to improve memory and physical health.

Studies have found that people who exercise daily are 60% less likely to experience cognitive impairment and dementia in old age.

4. Calculate Numbers in Your Mind

Mobiles and calculators have made us dependent on almost everything, which in some way or the other is affecting our brain health. Try to calculate and solve number problems without using calculators or paper and pencil.

One of the effective memory exercises is to practice mindfulness and to quit multitasking. This will help you be focused on what you are doing at the moment, helping your brain improve concentration.

5. Build your Vocabulary

A person with a strong vocabulary is often confident and smart. Building a rich vocabulary level helps you stimulate your brain.

Researches show that many parts of the brain are linked to certain vocabulary tasks, particularly the important areas for visual and auditory processing. Try to learn a new word every day and use it at least five times in the day to remember the word and meaning.

Brain Training Exercises & Games

1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a number trail game where you have to complete sequences that help improve short-term memory and concentration. It is available in degrees of difficulty, starting beginners to experts.

2. Crosswords

A classic brain trainer helps in improving memory from many dimensions of knowledge. It can easily be accessed online or offline in crossword books, newspapers, or magazines.

3. Brain Concentration Training

It is a brain training and mental fitness system that includes many games to improve your concentration, memory, and brain skills.

4. Play Cards

Studies have found that a card game can help in improving memory and thinking skills. Some effective card games include solitaire, bridge, poker, and hearts.

5. Problem Solving Games

Problem-solving games like name games, solve-it-twice, priorities, etc., help boost memory and brain health.

With effective brain exercises and games, a well-balanced diet plays an important part in improving brain health. Regular brain exercises can promote vascular health to help protect brain tissue.

The old saying “use it or lose it” applies to physical as well as mental health. Regular brain exercises are as important as following a physical exercise routine.