Unlocking the health benefits by eating cheese

Whenever we talk about food, there is one such food which we cannot afford to miss, yes, am talking about cheese. One of the most loved food around the globe. A food which is a perfect combination of taste and wrapped in the goodness of health. Do you ever wonder why cheese was Jerry’s favourite food? Well don’t you worry about it we got this for you?

In article we will be covering various aspects of cheese such as benefits of cheese, various types of cheese and even some rare benefits which you might not know yet. So, let’s get started.


Any food which is beneficial or we can say is extremely healthy for our body is considered to be a superfood and Yes, our beloved cheese fits in this definition so perfectly that our day is barely complete we don’t consume anything having an essence of cheese in it.

This superfood is consumed in number of ways, we all have our different style of consuming it, some prefer it to be eaten raw, while other may want it within bread slices, all thanks to the variety this superfood comes in.

Making of this superfood

Making of cheese is not just about a recipe, its an art. Let it be fresh or aged, it requires years of practice and patience in making it. There are enormous methods of making cheese, all due to the variation it comes in. let us throw light on some process

1: Curdling of milk-

It refers to separation of solid compounds such as fat or proteins from the liquid. This is the primary process in the making of cheese and every cheese goes through it once.

2: Processing-

This is the second step in the manufacturing of cheese and this step is of high significantce due to the fact that the variation in this step can generate a whole new variety of cheese. Once the solids are separated from the liquid through curdling, it undergoes processing where it is processed according to the variety we want to produce. Like the mozzarella cheese undergoes stretching in this to give the signature texture it is known for.

3: Ripening-

This process if responsible for different flavours we get in our cheese. Under this process, cheese is store under favorable environmental conditions which enhances the growth of microbes which will change components of cheese such as proteins to flavoured compounds.

Health benefits of eating cheese-

Cheese a superfood, as the name suggest comes handy with enormous health benefits. It not only tastes good but also provides useful benefits. Few of the health benefits are listed below:

1: High protein content-

The protein found in cheese is known as casein and cow milk is said to be the richest source of this protein. Due to the high protein content found in cheese, it is also regarded as body building foods and can be consumed in various combination to enhance its overall effect.

2: Enhances bone strength-

This property of cheese is due to the element “calcium” which is linked with the milk and all milk products. Calcium helps to enhance bone health and also plays a role in weight loss.

3: Checks sugar level in blood-

Many studies have proven that people suffering from high blood sugar levels should consume adequate amount of cheese as it helps to lower down one’s blood sugar level.

4: Reduces the risk of stroke-

Along with all the beneficial minerals and components, cheese also contains potassium which checks the fluid balance in the body (muscle and brain). Potassium helps to neutralize activities going in side the human body, thereby reducing the risk of stroke.

5: Improves metabolism-

This property of cheese is solely due to the presence of zinc in it. It is one of those elements which help in the metabolism of DNA & RNA and also enhances digestion.

6: Improves digestion-

Due to the presence of phosphorus, which aids in processes such as digestion, excretion and other physiological activity, cheese is said to provide a boost to the digestive system.

7: Contains antioxidants-

Due to high quantities of anti-oxidants found in cheese, people consuming it are at a lower risk of having prostate cancer and also help in reduction of weight.

8: Cheese helps to maintain or regulate cholesterol levels

Different types of cheese:

Cheese comes in different varieties and flavors, thus giving us a whole range of options to choose from. But its all like having different colors under the same rainbow.

You will be startled to know it comes in more 20 varieties, spread across the world. Let us discuss few of them.

1: Goat cheese-

This is one of the most loved type of cheese and consumed almost everywhere in the world. It is a much more-creamy form of cheese packed with nutritious properties and made from the milk of goat, though the process of formation remains the same just the parent element (milk) has a different source.

This slight change in composition adds up to various benefits of eating goat cheese like- it acts as a rich source of calcium and protein, helps in reduction of inflammation etc.

2: Cottage cheese-

It is a mildly fresh version of our normal is born all the way from curdled milk and is much more-sweeter in taste as compared to regular cheese. Popular among athletes and people trying to manage their weight. It possesses certain qualities like more calcium content, beneficial for teeth & bones, helps to prevent osteoporosis, all these adds to the benefits of cottage cheese.

3: Cheddar cheese-

We can even call it as the pride cheese of England. This cheese usually takes around 9 to 24 months to develop or age. It has a signature shade of yellow and which can vary from white to orange.

The benefits of eating cheddar cheese include goodness of proteins, reduction in chronic disease risks and contains high mineral content.

4: Parmesan cheese-

Its actual name is Parmigiano-Reggiano, we commonly call it as “parmesan cheese”.

This cheese finds it roots all the way in Italy, a country which is known for its style and thus making it one of the most consumed and preferred cheese among the cheese lovers. It has a significantly high protein content than any of its relative. It takes somewhat around 18 months to 3 years to age.

Parmesan cheese is a treasure-mine of minerals and contains traces of lactose, thus making the digestion even more easy and con also be consumed by lactose-intolerant people.

5: Feta cheese-

The credit of inventing this masterpiece goes to Greek people. If this feta cheese is made somewhere else in the world other than the Greece the it is regarded as white cheese. It has its signature squashy texture from the goat milk which makes it unique. The nutritional benefits of feta cheese are as follows, it boosts up the immune system and checks the intestinal health due to the presence of good bacteria in it. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

6: Limburger cheese-

This cheese is known for its stink and finds its origin in Belgium. It is made from cow milk and has various benefits. The health benefits of limburger cheese as as follows, due to high protein content along with calcium, keeps the bones & teeth in check, prevents osteoporosis etc.

7: Provolone cheese-

This is another cheese, beautifully all the way in Italy. This is a cheese of combination and has given us so many combinations like cheese with meat or cheese with bread or even pizza. The benefits of provolone cheese includes, good eyesight, act as a natural remedy, helps in maintaining healthy bones and good skin too.

Side effects of eating cheese-

There are pros & cons to almost everything in the world, like two sides of a coin, cheese also has a positive side along with a negative side. The positive side constitutes all the benefits it provides in proper well-being, whereas if the same cheese is consumed in unregulated quantities it can be a curse to our body. Various side-effects of cheese are listed below:

  • Increased levels of sodium.
  • Bacterial infection.
  • May cause kidney related problems.
  • Can elevate blood pressure.

Cheese and pregnancy

Due to the presence of high calcium content, cheese becomes beneficial during the time of pregnancy, as this calcium content helps to maintain healthy bones. Not only this, cheese contains many minerals which are essential during pregnancy.

But you have to be careful while consuming it, as it also has a negative side to it. Soft cheese, often contains high moisture content in them due to which it becomes a favourable condition for bacteria to attack and can cause bacterial infections such as listeriosis.

You should always buy dry and hard cheese and always look for the word “pasteurized “on the label.

Cheese and old age

Cheese in some ways is beneficial for elderly people. Cheese contains a basket of minerals and vitamins in it which in turn helps the consumer to build a strong immune system. The good bacteria present in it can be helpful in achieving good immunity and overall well-being.

But if it is consumed in unregulated quantities, then it might act as a bane. Cheese if taken in large quantities can cause digestion related problems in elderly.

Cheese and skin

Cheese provides so many benefits to skin, benefits of cheese for skin are as follows:

1: Glow on the skin-

cheese are rich in vitamins which help the skin to glow such as vitamin B and cheese is an excellent source of vitamin B

2: Increasing overall health of the skin.

3: Increasing the hair growth-

Due to the presence of various fats, cheese is also able to regulate hair growth by providing nourishment to the growing hairs.

Cheese vs Yoghurt

Cheese and yoghurts are different food compounds originating from a common parent. They both are different in terms of their preparation and nature. One of them is prepared by curdling, processing and ripening process while the other one undergoes process of fermentation. Many studies have suggested that yoghurt is a much healthy alternative to our normal cheese as it contains more health benefits with low fat accumulation which is not same in the case of cheese, as it contains high quantity of full fat.

Cheese and obesity

Cheese apart from its raw consumption, it is combined with so many regular dishes such as pasta or macroni to make it even more delightful and also adding up its nutritional content.

Younger generation is more attracted towards these sources of foods which may be beneficial but in a limit, more of anything can lead to disastrous results. One of the main reasons why children are suffering from obesity is due to this significant shift in their lifestyle. Consuming cheese rich food is not only providing us with more minerals and vitamins but also with more amount of fat, which is a dangerous thing.

Cheese once in a while is good but can take a form of evil to which we cannot resist.


Now we came to know why Jerry loves this superfood. A superfood wrapped in taste and health benefits to which we cannot resist but as usual excess of everything leads to destruction, so is the case of cheese. We have also seen how it may enhance the immune system in elderly people.

If it is possible try to incorporate yoghurt instead of cheese as a daily alternative, we are not saying on to cheese but yes, its quantity has to be checked because after all its our body which have to bear the adverse effect it may have.

Old-age the time where all our thoughts become reality, but in order to do so, we must stand together with our elders. Because at some point we will also go through that same age. We should understand them and help them wherever possible. If you or someone you know need our help does contact us, we are always ready to put in efforts to make you lives more comfortable.

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