Top 17 Health Benefits Of Broccoli For Elders


Green vegetables are known for their miraculous health benefits. From spinach to kale and from lettuce to cabbage, green vegetables are the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Talking about green vegetables, the first name that pops to our mind is Broccoli! Broccoli might not be a favourite vegetable of many people. Still, no one can deny that it is a treasure with exceptional healthy benefits for elders.  


Broccoli is a kind of vegetable that comes from the cauliflower family, but is different in taste. The name Broccoli comes from the Italian word broccoli, which means the cabbage flower crest. The benefits of broccoli are numerous, especially for elders. Its intake can accomplish the lack of nutrients in elders. Regular intake of broccoli not only increases immunity but also helps the elderly fight against serious illnesses like cancer, heart attack, etc. We’ll go through each of it in detail, but first let’s learn the basics.  


Why is broccoli good for elders’ health?

As this green vegetable is full of iron, protein, calcium, vitamin-A, carbohydrates, and C, and many other nutrients, broccoli is extremely suitable for the elderly health. The nutrients present in broccoli can prevent seniors from heart disease, eye problems, digestive problems, diabetes, and other such problems. 


This article will give all the essential details about Broccoli that elders should know before beginning with its regular intake. So first let’s know about the types of Broccoli. 


Types of Broccoli

Here we are giving you information about the different types of Broccoli. 


– Calabrese broccoli

This species of broccoli is named after the famous Italian city of Calabria. Its upper part is dark green. It is grown on cold days or in cool places. 


– Broccoli rabe

This type of broccoli is exceptionally healthy. It is leafy like spinach


– Broccoflower

It looks less like broccoli and more like cauliflower. It also tastes somewhat like cauliflower. 


– Sprouting broccoli

Its upper part is stretched and has many stalks. 


– Gai-lan

It is also known as Chinese Broccoli. It is long and leafy and more nutritious than regular broccoli. 


– Purple cauliflower

Purple broccoli is also a type of broccoli. As the name suggests, it is purple. It is quite popular in America and Europe. 


As you’ve become familiar with broccoli types, let us now tell you about the nutritious elements present in broccoli. 


Broccoli Nutritional Value


Nutrients in Broccoli

  • Water 89.30 g
  • Energy 34 Kcal
  • Protein 2.82 g
  • Total Lipid (Fat) 0.37 g
  • Carbohydrate 6.64 g
  • Fibre Total Diet 2.6 g
  • Sugar Total 1 .70 g


Minerals in Broccoli

  • Calcium Ca 47 mg
  • Phosphorus P 66 mg
  • Potassium K 316 mg
  • Sodium Na 33 mg
  • Iron Fe 0.73 mg
  • Zinc Zn 0.41 mg
  • Magnesium Mg 21 mg


Vitamins in Broccoli

  • Vitamin C Total Ascorbic Acid 89.2 mg
  • Thiamine 0. 071 mg
  • Riboflavin 0.117 mg
  • Niacin 0.639 mg
  • Vitamin-B6 0.175 mg
  • Folate 63 µg
  • Vitamin-B12 0.00 µg
  • Vitamin-I IU 623 IU
  • Vitamin-K (phylloquinone) 101.6 µg
  • Vitamin (D2 + D3) 0.0 µg
  • Vitamin-A RAE 31 µg
  • Vitamin-E (alpha-tocopherol) 0.78
  • Vitamin-D 0 IU
  • Lipid
  • Fatty Total Monounsaturated 0.031 g
  • Fatty Total Polyunsaturated 0.112 g
  • Fatty Totaltrans 0.000 mg
  • Fatty Total Saturated 0.114 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg


As you have just read the nutritional value of broccoli and now we will tell you about the top 17 fantastic benefits of Broccoli for the elderly.


Top 17 Health Benefits of Broccoli for Elders


1. Benefits of Broccoli for Heart

Due to a lack of adequate nutritional value in the body, heart-related problems arise in old age. Selenium and glucosinolates are found in high amounts in broccoli. These can help keep elders’ hearts healthy by increasing the amount of protein in the body. Elders suffering from any sort of heart-related issue should add it to their daily diet so that their heart remains healthy and they live longer. 


2. Benefits of Broccoli for Cancer

There can be many causes of cancer in the elderly, but do you know that you can avoid cancer with regular broccoli consumption? Broccoli contains a compound called sulforaphane, which can play an essential role in preventing cancer. For even better results, the elderly should eat sprouted broccoli. It will keep away diseases like cancer, in elders. 


3. Benefits of Broccoli for Weight Loss

The problem of weight gain has become standard due to the increasing consumption of oily and junk food. From kids to elders, a majority of people today are either obese or overweighted. It can lead to more severe diseases in elders. Are you also suffering from obesity? If yes, start eating Broccoli. It contains vitamin-C and antioxidants, which can help in weight loss. Thus eat broccoli and lose weight. Along with eating broccoli, it is also essential to pay regular exercise and a proper diet, as broccoli or any such vegetable will be just a small part of a person’s diet! 


4. Benefits of Broccoli for Liver

Increased fat is the most common reason for various liver-related diseases in the elderly. If not taken proper care of, this can turn into liver failure as well. Here, sulforaphane which is available in broccoli may prevent fatty liver and other liver related issues, but let us tell you that it cannot treat fatal diseases like liver cancer.  


5. Broccoli for Bones and Teeth

Due to the increasing age and lack of nutrition, bones and teeth start to weaken, and unless there is a big problem related to it, we do not even know about it. Broccoli contains plenty of nutrients such as vitamin-K, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which can benefit elder’s bones and teeth. 


6. Broccoli for Eyes

Eyes are an essential part of our body, and like the rest of the body, it also needs nutrients. There are many people whose eyes get spoiled at an early age, but it is more severe in elders. In such a situation, broccoli can be beneficial for them. Broccoli has properties such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which are considered the best nutrients for the eyes. It prevents elders’ eyes from weakening, so elders can consume broccoli for improved eyesight.  


7. Broccoli for Memory

With growing age, human’s memory gets weaker. This problem keeps getting severe with aging. You would be amazed to know that the cure for this problem is available in broccoli. Broccoli contains a variety of vitamins, and its intake reduces oxidative stress. For this reason, broccoli can help strengthen memory. Check here to know more about other Memory related diseases. 


8. Broccoli to Detoxify the Body

Nowadays, people, including the elderly people, have increased the intake of outside food. Some do it under compulsion; some do it willingly! Whatever be the reason, elders often forget that eating more junk food leads to toxic elements accumulating in our body. Due to this, many physical problems can occur, which trouble uniquely in the adult years. However, one can use broccoli to lessen the effect of these toxic elements. Broccoli contains glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin, and glucobrassicin, which may help flush out toxins from your body.  


9. Broccoli for Digestion

Broccoli contains glucosinolates, fiber, and vitamin-C, which can help to digest your food quickly. With growing age, the digestive system becomes weak, making it harder for elders to digest the food properly. The fibers present in broccoli help elders to maintain a sound digestion system. 


10. Broccoli for Diabetes

A diabetic patient is forbidden to consume many things, especially food containing ingredients that can increase diabetes. Let us tell you that broccoli can effectively treat diabetes. Even the doctors advise diabetic elders to eat broccoli, as the nutrients found in it can help control the diabetes problem. Broccoli has antioxidant properties, which help reduce blood glucose and oxidative stress in growing adults. It is possible due to the fiber found in broccoli, which may help reduce diabetes in elders. 


11. Broccoli for Metabolism

Food can affect your metabolic processes. If elders do not eat food on time, it affects their metabolic activity, and the system becomes unable to convert food into energy. Broccoli contains calcium and vitamin C, which together can increase metabolic activity. Broccoli contains fiber, which acts to soothe stomach irritation. It can be useful for the elderly body. 


12. Broccoli For Allergy

There are many reasons for skin or other kinds of allergies in elders, and one is a lack of protein. The properties of broccoli also include that it contains a high amount of protein. Its intake provides a sufficient amount of protein to the body and forms antioxidants in the cells. Thus it can be useful in treating different kinds of allergies in elders. 


13. Broccoli for Immunity

Many elders become ill with the changing of the weather, and it is because of their weak immunity. However, green vegetables, especially broccoli, help elders build stronger immunity and fight against seasonal illnesses. It is a rich source of sulforaphane, which works to increase immunity in the body. Adding broccoli to the problem of getting sick with its intake can be reduced to some extent. So just start regular consumption of broccoli and bid a farewell to season fevers. Check here to know more about some great immunity boosting drinks. 


14. Broccoli for Body pH Level

Due to the lack of protein and vitamins, the pH level in the body becomes unbalanced. However, a balanced pH level is necessary for good health in elders. Elders with a disturbed pH level should start eating broccoli regularly. It contains alkaline, which can expel acidic substances from your body and balance the pH level. 


15. Broccoli for the Effect of Aging

Wrinkles on the face are common among elders. There are several remedies to prevent these wrinkles from proliferating, including broccoli. It contains sulforaphane, which can help reduce the effect of aging and keep the skin bright and glowing. 


16. Benefits of Broccoli for Skin

You have read about the many benefits of broccoli, but do you know that broccoli is beneficial for glowing skin as well. Broccoli contains vitamin-C and sulforaphane, which can help keep the elder’s skin healthy. Regular consumption of broccoli can relieve various skin related problems. 


17. Benefits of Broccoli for Hair

Given the hectic lives, elders rarely get time to care for themselves and start looking older than the age. Their neglecting behavior towards themselves also affects their hair health, which leads to hair loss and baldness. With regular consumption of broccoli, elders get necessary nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin C, which helps them maintain good hair health. It results in healthier and longer hair.  


Incredible Things That You Can Make With Broccoli

Are you impressed with the health benefits of Broccoli? But you know what, you can enjoy these health benefits only with the proper use of it! Therefore, below we are talking about some amazing things you can make to ensure the appropriate use of broccoli. 

  • Elders can cook and eat broccoli like other vegetables.
  • Elders can also add it to your chicken and egg curry.
  • Elders can also serve broccoli in the form of soup. It can be a good service for senior citizens.
  • Elders can also eat broccoli as a salad.
  • Elders can also prepare broccoli sprouts. It is a healthy option for elders.
  • Broccoli can also be mixed with pasta and noodles.


Well! No matter how elders use it, it only enhances the taste of food and provides you essential nutrients.  


Side Effects of Broccoli

  • As broccoli is a rich source of fiber, elders should consume it in small amounts. Excess use of broccoli can lead to stomach problems.
  • Some elders may also be allergic to broccoli. So before serving it to the elders, one should make sure that they’re not allergic to it. Else it can lead them to severe consequences.


These side effects can be easily avoided with the right use of broccoli.

So these were the fantastic benefits of the green delight- broccoli. After going through these notable properties of broccoli for elders, one thing is sure that if consumed in the right amount, it can help elders lead a healthier life. 


Bottom Line

After reading this article, are you also going to serve broccoli to your elders? Well! We advise you to first consult with the doctor to be ensured that it doesn’t contradict with the health conditions of the elders. But still think there are a lot of things running in your mind while you want to care for your elders? Or you feel like you cannot give adequate care to your elders, as they should deserve? Then don’t worry as we, at Emoha are the standing pillars for Eldercare in Delhi-NCR


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