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7th Nov 2022
8 Remedies For Piles

8 Best Home Remedies for Piles

Haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, affect more people than we like to assume. This disease develops in the anal and lower rectum regions. They are swollen veins similar in appearance to varicose veins. Generally, they are explained as cushions of tissues consisting of blood vessels, muscles, etc. Haemorrhoids may be external or internal, depending on their location. External haemorrhoids develop under the skin surrounding the anus. Internal haemorrhoids develop inside the rectum. Usually undetected in the initial stages, these diseases are not perceived as severe health issues as symptoms are absent. However, they can cause discomfort, pain, and bleeding when passing stools or sitting for long hours as the veins around the anal area or lining the lower rectum swell up. Read ahead for causes and home remedies for piles.


What causes piles?

Here are the factors that can cause this disease:

  • Eating a low-fibre diet
  • Constipation, diarrhoea, or irregular bowel movements
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Prolonged straining of the abdomen or pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Faulty valves in the haemorrhoidal veins
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Obesity
  • Excessive squatting


How to cure piles at home?

Most people remain unaware of piles until they experience excessive pain or discomfort. Due to a lack of awareness, most people wonder if piles are dangerous. Haemorrhoids are not harmful or cause severe health conditions in their initial stages. Here are some natural cures:

  • Sitz Bath – Sitz bath is an effective home treatment for haemorrhoids irritation. It is a small plastic tub that can fit over your toilet seat and may come with a nozzle. You can immerse your irritated or swollen rear area in the sitz bath for a few minutes. Based on your doctor’s advice, antiseptic solutions such as betadine or other solutions can be added to the water for better results. You can also add Epsom salt to warm water. By immersing the affected area in a sitz bath daily, you can see excellent results within a few days.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a piles medicine used in homes for ages. It is known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects that can soothe irritation and inflammation. Coconut oil is also an analgesic, reducing pile pains and discomfort during bowel movements. It has antibacterial properties that help in the healing of haemorrhoids faster. So, applying coconut oil daily with the help of a cotton ball on your haemorrhoid-affected area externally helps in the cure. People suffering from constipation can also consume coconut oil to relieve constipation, as it is a laxative. Treating constipation reduces the chances of piles and treats the disease if it has already occurred.  So, coconut oil is the best medicine for piles available in every home. 

  • Cold Compresses – Cold compresses work wonders in soothing irritation and swelling. Apply an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel, paper towel, or cloth to your anal area for 15 minutes. Remember not to apply an ice cube, ice pack, or anything frozen directly to your skin, as it can cause harm.

  • Witch hazel – Witch hazel relieves itching and pain caused by external haemorrhoids. Due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, it is also effective in reducing swelling. You can apply liquid witch hazel directly to the external haemorrhoids. 

  • Aloe Vera – When searching for the best piles medicine name, aloe vera is one of the top results. Aloe vera is a natural wonder that treats many skin conditions, including haemorrhoids. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing irritation and swelling. You can apply pure aloe vera gel directly on haemorrhoids. Use only pure aloe vera without added ingredients, as those ingredients may irritate the haemorrhoids.

  • Soothing Wipes – When external haemorrhoids already exist, wiping with toilet paper after a bowel movement can irritate them. Therefore, washing with a wet wipe or gentle wipe after a bowel movement is advisable to reduce irritation. Many wipes come with anti-haemorrhoid additives such as aloe vera or witch hazel. These wipes do not irritate the haemorrhoids but soothe them. Remember that the wipes you use do not have perfume, alcohol, or other irritants as they can worsen symptoms rather than relieve them.

  • Hydration – Constipation is one of the primary reasons behind these illnesses. So, drinking copious water or other healthy liquids makes your bowel less dry and eases your bowel movement. With a well-hydrated body, your digestive system also becomes healthy, helping in reducing strain during bowel movements. Thus, drinking a lot of liquid helps reduce and relieve symptoms.

  • Balance diet – Consuming a fibre-rich, balanced diet helps regulate bowel movement. A diet with many soluble and insoluble fibres promotes good gut health. Insoluble fibres add bulk to stool, making bowel movement easy and reducing the chances and symptoms. 


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Haemorrhoids are easily treatable within a few days with simple home remedies. Leading an active lifestyle with daily exercise, eating a balanced diet, and drinking ample water can reduce and relieve their symptoms.


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How can I treat piles in 3 days at home?

Many home remedies can help you cure piles in 3 days. You can consume and apply coconut oil externally to ease bowel movements. Another effective way is to eat a high-fibre diet and drink lots of water.

How do you dissolve piles naturally?

External piles can be dissolved naturally with coconut oil, aloe vera, witch hazel, or tree tea oil.

How can I finish piles at home?

Piles can be finished at home using home remedies such as witch hazel, coconut oil, and aloe vera. Along with these, remember to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Which food to avoid in piles?

Processed foods, dairy products, spicy foods, fried food items, and white flour are the foods to avoid if you have piles. These foods cause bloating and constipation, causing symptoms to worsen.