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12th Oct 2022
Brain exercises for stress management

5 Brain Exercises to Reduce Stress and Depression

One of the essential types of relaxation practices we can perform at home is exercising the brain. They help keep the mind focused, decrease memory loss and prevent mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. This is especially helpful for seniors for sharpening and steering their minds away from any depressive thoughts. Scientifically proven ways of reducing tension are practical and effective, especially for seniors. Stress and anxiety over the long run are unhealthy for one and all and can lead to various diseases, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, mental conditions, etc. 

How to Reduce Stress and Tension Effectively with 5 Brain Exercises?

Stress is a primary reason for long-term mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, anger, etc., physical conditions like diabetes (Type 2), heart ailments, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, etc. Some effective and scientifically proven ways to reduce stress have been outlined below. Performing these workouts has been shown to reduce depression in the long run.

1. Meditation

Meditation is teaching your mind to learn the art of focusing continuously. Mindfulness meditation concentrates on the positive things. This allows us to cope with our circumstances in a better way.  Meditation on friendliness is another type that helps us teach positive attributes to the others around us. It takes away all negative thoughts about people. This applies to all the people involved in the person’s life. These types of exercises lead to improvement in personal relationships. 

Insight meditation is a memory-improving type of meditation. It helps to increase awareness of our surroundings. Observation skills are improved in circumstances and events. One learns to observe better and take in everyday occurrences. Whatever we read, whether it’s the news, magazines, work-related data, etc., is stored in our brains.  The serenity and positivity observed in people who meditate to reduce strain are evidence of performing brain exercises. Meditation power can transform evil thoughts into positive feelings and ease anxiety.

Taking deep breaths slowly and releasing the air whilst meditating and focusing on breathing will eventually release the tension. We can do 30 minutes of meditation at a convenient time and place. Performing it in the garden or terrace will make you feel good and help stress management. 

2. Crosswords and jigsaw puzzles

Solving crosswords are some effective exercises to reduce stress. The mind is steered towards focusing on vocabulary and general knowledge. Attempting a crossword every day can improve your memory, too, and helps to keep you updated. Current events, Hollywood, sports, geography, history, health, etc., are some topics that one can choose in crosswords. Finding the crossword solution will keep the mind occupied and forget stressful situations. 

Jigsaw puzzles are another great way to exercise the mind and stay focused. The challenge of solving the puzzle by putting the pieces together boosts the brain. These exercises, at the end of a tiring day, rejuvenate the mind. You can choose a jigsaw puzzle based on your favourite topics. Solving jigsaw puzzles can be taken to another level by keeping time and challenging your family members. 

3. Learning a new skill

You can strengthen the connections within the brain by teaching yourself a new skill. The brain capacity is expanded positively, and the unnecessary stressful information present is successfully evaded. The negative thoughts are eventually pushed out as a new focus takes over. You can learn a hobby you’ve always wanted to make time for. Various options are available like sewing, knitting, gardening, painting, sculpturing, etc. Memory function is also improved as a result of learning something new. You can pick up a new skill that requires using all your senses, like cooking or baking. The delicious aromas invigorate the senses, especially on a day you are feeling particularly down. Trying out new recipes will make you bring out the chef in you. You can cook or bake a dish you love, or your family member loves to eat for a tasty treat. 

4. Learn to play a musical instrument

If you wish to work on your brain health for long-term benefit, then learning to play a musical instrument will help you do so. It is one of the best stress-busting activities for the brain. Learning to play musical instruments like the guitar, saxophone, piano, flute, harmonium, etc., are relaxation techniques for anxiety. The brain can take in new skills regardless of age or gender. So if you have always wanted to learn a musical instrument, now you have two reasons to do so. Strum away, drum hard, or blow away all the pent-up tension response with a desired musical instrument at the soonest. 

5. Tai Chi

Tai chi is a form of stretching and slow movements that are performed in a gentle flow. Each action is carried out with grace and continuity. There is no pause in this exercise to reduce strain; one slow movement follows the next whilst meditating. The gentle motions connect the mind and physical body through progressive meditation techniques. There is no holding of the poses, and the continuous movements are performed in a dance-like fashion. The mind focuses on physical actions, and the body’s negative feelings are simultaneously drawn out with positive thoughts. 

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Some exercises for reducing strain include focusing on a new skill, learning a new language, practising a musical instrument, solving a crossword, etc. Performing exercises to reduce anxiety and depression is helpful for long-term tension busting. Mindfulness meditation is another form of converting negative thoughts into positivity all around you. Regardless of the pressure, one is facing, learn to imbibe stress relief exercises at home for better stress management. 


Which exercise helps to reduce mental stress?

Mindfulness meditation, tai chi, solving crossword or jigsaw puzzles, learning a new language or musical instrument, etc., are some exercises for reducing mental strain. 

How can I reduce stress in my brain?

You can manage stress by performing tai chi, mindfulness meditation, crossword puzzles, playing musical instruments, etc. 

Which exercise is best for the brain?

Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, scrabble, etc., are some of the best exercises for the brain.

How to exercise my brain every day?

Performing mindfulness meditation, tai chi, aerobic exercises, playing musical instruments, solving crosswords, etc., are some ways to exercise the brain. 

What are the 10 ways to improve your brain health?

Meditation, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, tai chi, aerobics, adequate sleep, learning new skills, learning a new language, using all the five senses, improving vocabulary, playing card games, playing board games like chess, etc. will enhance your brain health. 

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