How This 83 Year Old Man Made Us Smile Amid COVID 19 Crisis

With our Volunteer Program built to support elders during the COVID lockdown, we are coming across really special stories of elders who are trying to thrive.

On March 28th, 8:10 PM, we got a call on our Elder Helpline from an 83-year-old man who lives all alone in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. He sounded very helpless and asked us if we could help him get his vital medicines as he couldn’t go out because of the COVID. 

The old gentleman kept on repeating how he is forgetful now and doesn’t know the names of his medicines. All he had was his prescription, but unfortunately, he couldn’t read anymore. 

He mentioned he was abandoned by his children a long ago. He was clearly worried about being unable to get his medicines and was indeed in a panicked state. We ensured to keep him company on the phone. Meanwhile, our Emoha Team was able to identify a volunteer by 8:20 PM, who could help get his medicines.

While we kept him company, he shared bits and pieces of his life story. Born in the US, he came to India as a little boy. He shares how his family hosted Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose when he was a child. He proudly told us that he has a photo of Netaji holding him in his arms.

What’s more beautiful, is how he kept on repeating that he wants to be independent, even though he is 83. He told us how he ran a business that shut down, and he is coping and trying to make things work despite having no family around.

Our Emergency Responder Team (ERT) ensured that by 8:44 PM, our volunteer Nishant was on his way to meet the elder. And by 9:42 PM, he had his medicines delivered. He made one tiny request, in the end, he asked us if we could just keep calling once in a while just to keep him company.

We feel blessed that someone so special reached out to us for help. And we could support him in these times with the help of our great volunteers. Our volunteer program at Emoha is working to support elders who need help, and we hear such heartwarming stories about so many elders who are dealing with it all by themselves.

Here’s a request, if you are in Delhi NCR, please sign up and be a Volunteer to help elders who are vulnerable in such times. www.emoha.com/volunteer. While we are privileged to be healthy and safe, let’s ensure to help our elders.

*Faces are concealed to protect the privacy of the elder and the volunteer