Cherishing the REPUBLIC DAY With Elders – 14 Ways to Enjoy 26th January

We all know that Republic Day is a national holiday in India. Unfortunately, many youngsters today see it only as just that. 

But if you ask the elders, they will talk to you about their favourite freedom fighters, the history of India’s independence, and how the country has changed since 26th Jan 1950 when the Indian Constitution first came into effect and we became a republic.

That is why we recommend you make full use of this national holiday this year and spend more time with your elders. 

But how can you make this 72nd Republic Day fun and interactive for both yourself and your elder? Don’t worry! We have exactly the ideas you need.


Here are 14 Ways to Celebrate Republic Day With the Elders


1.    Go to see the iconic Parade with your elders (if possible, with all due precautions)

On this day, India holds one of its grandest events – the Republic Day Parade, which is renowned all over the world. Our country showcases its Military might, by displaying the latest Tanks, Missiles, Combat planes and a great variety of defence equipment. Contingents of Defence Forces units, Police, as well as school children, take part in March Pasts. Beautifully arranged cultural Floats from the different states of India are a sight to behold. Exuberant dancing and singing by children of various schools, as well as live music played by Defence Forces Bands really brighten up the day! Holders of India’s highest bravery awards also participate. As well as some children awarded for exceptional bravery in the previous year.

There is a solemn and touching ceremony in which the President of India honours our military personnel by bestowing gallantry awards for exceptional courage in the line of duty.

The event ends with the breathtaking dare-devil experts riding Motorcycles and an awesome fly-past over Rajpath by the daring Indian Air Force Fighter Jets. No wonder the spectators look with their eyes wide open and hearts filled with immense pride.

You can go to watch it with the elders of the family, if possible, with all due precautions. It would be a great pleasure to become a part of such a big event. But in these times of the Pandemic (till everyone is vaccinated), you can watch the event together with your Elders at home on TV.


2.    Host a friendly Kite Flying competition

Kite-flying is an enjoyable activity, and your elders would love to compete with you – but do ensure they do not hurt themselves. You can also involve your elders in making tri-color kites. While you do so, ask your elders about the Republic day stories of their younger days.


3.    Organize a Cultural Program in your locality

Organize skits, dramas, and competitions like rangoli making, flag-making, and poetry competition for all-the old-style Mushairas!

To decorate the place, you can use beautiful paintings, old cultural designs, and patriotic graffiti. Add a creative touch with paper decorations made with the tricolor. To blend into the theme, you can decorate the area with flowers, tri-color cushions, wind chimes, and LED lights.

Try to involve the elders in the decoration of the place and making Rangoli. It will unleash creativity in them and give a sense of accomplishment.


4.    Go to see Cultural programs in the city

Take your elders to enjoy the many events and shows that the city organizes, with Indian History and Culture as the central theme. You will also enjoy watching laser shows and 7D shows on Republic Day. 

Skits and dramas in these shows will give you an insight into the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and of course the importance of the Constitution. The elders will enjoy it a lot as these programs help them to reconnect with the national heritage and stories they have always enjoyed.


5.    Make the Elders hoist the Flag

The flag-hoisting ceremony is the central part of Republic Day celebrations. Also, the national flag is a symbol of the nation’s pride. So, we must hoist it according to the rules specified to maintain the dignity of the flag on this day.

Give this honor of hoisting the flag to the eldest person of the family or your society. 

As part of the ceremony, everyone present should sing the lyrical National Anthem of India. After that, make the elder give a little speech about the special day. And distribute Laddoos to everyone!

Not only will they enjoy this, but you will also get to learn something new. Elders – with their experience and knowledge – can help you understand the importance of the day – and our glorious heritage as well.


6.    Arrange a Sports Event in the locality

A sports meet will help you connect better with the people in your locality. It will provide the elders with an opportunity to move their bodies and improve their health, while they cherish a national holiday with other elders and youngsters. 

Arrange fun games like lemon spoon race, Tug of war, treasure hunt, gentle hurdle races. You can have a quiz competition based on national events. Also, make sure to have participation gifts for everyone.


7.    Help your elders do more Charity

With old age comes a feeling of worthlessness for many elders. This feeling of not being useful to society can be bad for mental health – especially for brooding elders.

Some people of course, are helpless and dependent. Even on an amazing day like the Republic Day of the country, these people remain secluded in their Shelter all day. Provide them the privilege to celebrate it with enthusiasm and happiness.

To do so, you can visit an orphanage or an old-age Home with your elders and celebrate the day with them. Sing the national anthem with them while hoisting the national flag.

Give the needy some gifts to cherish. You can give them stationery items, food, kitchenware, and clothing items. You can also distribute homemade Sweets among them.

Instead of managing everything on your own, you can also do fundraising events in your locality. Through fundraising, you will be able to raise more money for donating much-needed items.

Overall, this will not only help you create a better humanistic society but will give a sense of satisfaction to your elder, with the delight of giving.


8.    Do Cleaning Campaigns

Our country has diverse forms of landscapes that range from dense forests, mountains, deserts to sea life. That is why we have the most distinctive flora and fauna. 

But due to our habit of throwing garbage everywhere and the excess of plastic products, we are destroying our environment and Nature. So, do arrange a cleaning drive in your area, if you can.

Go there with the family elders and do some cleaning. You can also call for volunteers for this purpose. It will give a message to society for keeping the environment neat and clean. And that even elders do not hesitate from helping. Please do provide everyone in your group with gloves.


9.    Plant Trees with your elders

Every day, hundreds of trees are cut down to fulfill the land requirements of our country. On this Republic Day, let’s join hands and get together to plant trees. You don’t need any specific place. Just plant some trees or shrubs within the compound of your house and in your locality. 

Involve your elders in doing this. If they don’t already love gardening, we are sure they will. Who knows- they might discover a great hobby doing that.

If they are already into it, be ready for some gardening tips and tricks. 

The best part of such a campaign is that you and your elder will get blessed by Mother Nature for making the Earth greener, as well as reducing pollution.  Plus, you and your elder will have a great time together.


10.    Throw a Costume Party

We all know India is a land of diversity. And diversity is not only present in food, language, and culture but also in our attire.

So, arrange a costume party in the locality where all elders, children, and adults get dressed up and walk the ramp in traditional dresses. Wow!

You can make a rule that no one will dress-up as per their own culture. It will spice up the spirit of competition and will help your elders explore other cultures. It will be great fun!

Don’t forget to arrange participation gifts for everyone.


11.    Visit national Museums and Monuments

On this day, you can also visit national museums and innumerable extraordinary monuments located all over our country Relive the glorious past of the place. Visit the Parliament House and read about the Indian Constitution, and our fundamental rights. 

Moreover, it is a fabulous idea for an outing for Elders as well as the whole family, as they get a chance to recall the memories or stories related to the monument and is also fascinating for the youngsters.


12.    Prepare exclusive Food for Republic Day

In India, no celebration is complete without preparing special food delicacies. These can range from tangy and spicy starters to desserts.

Try preparing dishes like saffron halwa, saffron biryani, tri-color or saffron-colored burfi, green and orange-colored rice, tri-color salad, sundae, or muffins. 

While preparing these delicacies, take help from your elders. Ask them if they have any unique old-style recipes for Republic day. Cooking with them will prove to be most enjoyable and creative and strengthen your bond with him or her.


13.    Honor the Social Workers of your locality

How about engaging the seniors of your locality who even at an advanced age are serving the society with their skills and work. Honor these elders by asking them to hoist the flag in the event that you organize in your locality. Or present them with mementos to show your appreciation for their selfless work.

You can also ask them to share their experiences serving the people, without any ulterior motives. Their speech can potentially not only impress the fellow elders but can also inspire many youngsters.


14.    Watch Patriotic Movies with your elders

Swades, Lagaan, Border, Rang de Basanti, and Chak De India, Sardar- based on Vallabhbhai Patel, films based on Babasaheb Ambedkar, the evergreen and uplifting Gandhi, are some of the fantastic movies you can relish watching with your elders. Thankfully, Indian cinema blesses us with loads of such movies, therefore you and your elder are spoilt for options. Or just watch some hilarious comedies!

A great aspect of this plan is that it is perfect for the pandemic time, as you don’t need to risk going outside the house with your elder. 


Also, you can watch documentaries related to Indian culture. These documentaries are available on the online platforms of Nat Geo Channel and Discovery Channel.


Summing Up

So, whether you love charity, cooking, kite flying, or watching movies, we have given you several ideas about celebrating this day with your elders. Pick any of these ways and have a great day with your elders.

Also, please share this article with your friends who want to make Republic Day worthwhile for their elders too. 

Make this Republic Day memorable and joyful for your elder. Happy Republic Day!