Over 50? Discover 6 Men’s Glasses You Can’t Miss Out Trying

Are you spending your days searching for ‘glasses frames for 50 year old men’ or ‘glasses frames for 60 year old men’ glasses for 70 year old men’ online?

Maybe you are reaching the stage of retirement or have recently entered it. Maybe you are looking for spectacles for your father and grandfather.

Whatever the case, know that being older doesn’t mean you should be wearing boring, old fashioned glasses with the thick lenses that give away your age.

Just like women use makeup to hide their age and show off their lively persona, you can too do that with your sassy spectacles.

After all, you have them with you almost always. Be it as reading glasses, bifocals, or regular prescription ones.

Today, we bring you 6 types of men’s glasses frames for 60 year old man.

Don’t worry, these are suitable for those in their 50s or even 70s or 80s.

1. Thick rimmed glasses

A man nearing his retirement is often underestimated when it comes to styling. But thick rimmed glasses will make those naysayers shut up when you flaunt your pair.

thik rimmed glasses

Glasses with thick and bold rims and temples help hold thick lenses that are usually necessary for old age, especially if you have been wearing vision correction glasses all your life.

Thick rimmed glasses are also spectacular due to the fact that they help you stand out. You will find most people suggesting rimless glasses frames for 60 year old men. And you will find many wearing these too.

thick rim glasses

But thick rims are exactly the opposite of rimless. Thus, they captivate people. So, if you are someone who is lively and feels attractive no matter what your age, thick rimmed glasses are the way to go.

Not only will they attract eyeballs to bring you your set of compliments, but will also prove to be utterly comfy as you will see when you give them a try.

2. Blue coloured glasses

My favourite suggestion for eyewear is Blue coloured glasses frames for 70 year old men. The reason being the cool tint of blue and the grey hair of such men.

blue color glasses

While most men become embarrassed as their hair starts greying, you can cherish it. Because now you will be able to flaunt blue coloured glasses that bring out the youthfulness in you with its contrasting blend with your grey hair.

Don’t be surprised to see blue coloured glasses complement your looks even if you have a long grey beard.

The best part is you can find blu coloured frames in all kinds of shapes. Square, rectangle, wayfarer, round, browline etc. are the several options you have.

blue color frames for older

You can choose to wear aviators in blue metal if you don’t light the mesmerising presence of acetate.

However, before you choose a style, make sure it matches your face shape. For example, if you have a square, oval or heart shaped face, go for round, aviator or browline frames.

These all are quite flattering glasses frames for 50 year old man, or even 60 or 70 year old you know.

3. Round glasses

If your hairline is receding with every passing day, it is going to make your face narrower. What if your face is already narrow? Well then, you are in trouble.

round glasses

How to get past this trouble and get a smart and fashionable look? The answer lies in round glasses.

You can create a contrast for the narrow features of your faces, with the soft-edged and curvy features of round frames.

black round glasses

Get these in a colour that suits your skin tone and the colour of the hair.

Because they are versatile enough for both formal and casual scenarios, you can try any outfit with them, only to find yourself becoming the talk of the gathering.

You will be surprised to see how the classy characteristics of the round glasses frames for 60 year old man, makes him no less good looking than a younger one.

4. Multi-coloured glasses

Glasses that have different colours on the frame front and the rims create a vibrant appeal. These are best for old souls who are colourful at heart.

multi colored glasses

If you wear coloured clothing already, these frames might not be the right fit as wearing them along will overdo the colours.

However, If you wear neutral colour clothing that is in white, black, brown and grey, the colours of your glasses will add the oomph your attire needs.

What’s more? You can have these in any shape you desire. Just make sure the shape compliments your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, go for square or rectangle frames.

5. Rimless glasses

Rimless frames are best when you don’t want your frames to create any news. If you love a simplistic look and don’t even want to show the presence of your glasses, rimless frames will help you do that.

rimless glasses

They are usually suggested as great glasses frames for any 60 or 70 year old man because they are lightweight.

Most plastic frames in the past used to be heavy, which is not a burden any old soul would want to bear.

However, these days the acetate used is quite lightweight, and even full-rimmed glasses don’t create much fuss even among those who are ageing.

You must know that rimless frames although, very comfortable, aren’t good enough when it comes to style.

With their no-show look, they can make people notice your wrinkles and baggy eyes. Whereas with other frames, you can attract attention to your beautiful set of eyes which talks of the vibrant energy you have within you. Even many youngsters don’t have the same energy.

So, go rimless only if you want a minimal appeal and don’t care much about looks.

Want another option for frames that suit simple old men? We heard you! Check out our next pick.

6. Browline glasses

Browlines are a balanced option between the cool and chunky full-rimmed frames and the rimless ones.

browline Glasses

They grab people’s attention without any striking characteristics.

They are well suited for the elderly due to the fact that they are lightweight in nature. Plus, they provide a simple appeal that can be flaunted no matter whether you are at a party or your grandson’s school.

If you wear fun and colourful clothing with bold patterns, you shouldn’t be wearing bold and chunky eyewear with them. And that’s when the subtle and classy browlines become the best friend you always needed.

Browline metal frames

You can choose them in any colour you want. Just make sure the colour suits your skin tone and your hair colour.

For example, brown or black hair will go well with colours like red and black. For grey hair, you can opt for blue and purple.

What to Avoid?

We already told you that you should try to avoid rimless frames unless you have already put your heart to it.

Along with that style, you should avoid clear and metal frames too.

1. Clear and metal frames

The reason behind is that they don’t have the advantage of not having the weight of the rims. Yet, they look like you are not wearing spectacles. This especially happens with metal frames that are silver or golden in colour and usually blend in with your skin colour.

clear frame glasses

As they don’t have any significant colour to attract attention, people can’t help but check out your baggy eyes, receding hairline, droopy eyelids, flattening face and wrinkles.

translucent frame

And you don’t want that to happen if you care even a tad bit about looking good.

metal frame glasses

So, it’s best to avoid clear and metal frames no matter how versatile and cool they might feel.

2. Chains

Do you still notice old men wearing glasses with chains? While you can wear them if their comfort stands out to you. But consider the fact that other frames aren’t uncomfortable either.

Unless the chains look like a fashionable accessory on their own, they are only going to make you look older.

3. Bifocals

This one isn’t about frames but your lenses. When you choose the type of lenses your eyeglasses will have, bifocals are a bad choice.

The reason being that they have a dividing line between the two ‘focals’. Since only those you are aging require bifocals, the moment someone notices the dividing line, it will explain your age.

bifocal and progressive

What you should do instead is wear progressive lenses. These have multiple focals in them and no dividing line.

Additionally, progressive lenses are also more comfortable for your vision.

Summing Up

Found the right type of frame? We hope you did!

Make sure you choose the perfect one according to your skin tone, hair colour and face shape.

Here’s a little guide.

For warmer skin tone – choose warm colours like red and brown.

For cooler skin tone – choose cool colours like blue and green.

Black is always the best option if you can’t find the perfect colour.

For hair that’s growing grey, blue, black and tortoiseshell make a great fit.

When it comes to face shape, you can choose round or aviator style if you have a square, oval or heart shaped face. A rectangular and wayfarer kind will be best for round faces.

Oval faces can pull off any type.

And if you don’t know your face shape, here’s a simple trick to know.

Just look in the mirror and draw the outline of your face on it with a temporary marker. You will know if your face is shaped oval, round, square, heart, diamond, or something else.

No matter how old you are, you deserve the fun of choosing and wearing sassy spectacles. After all, they help energise your life and make it more cherishable.

This is exactly what Emoha aims to do.

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