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12 Extravagant Pairs of Eyeglass Frames for Older Women


If you are looking for eyeglass frames for older women, there’s no better day to choose your favourites than today. 

Want to look younger?

Want to add some spark to the second innings look of your life?

Maybe you want to cherish some compliments for your beautiful eyes?

Or just want to maintain your class with subtle and sophisticated pairs of frames?

No matter how old you are, you deserve to get all that you want with your eyeglasses. 

And that’s why, we bring to you a list of twelve splendid pairs of eyeglass frames for older women that can help you look younger, make you enjoy some compliments or embrace the simplicity that makes you charming.    

Here are 12 Flattering Eyeglass Frames for Older Women

1. Black eyeglass frames

When you are searching for the latest spectacles frames for ladies who have reached an older age, black glasses will always top the charts.

Being a beguiling and versatile colour, black goes along with anything you want to wear. Whether your hair is gray, white, black, blonde or brown, black is going to make it look better.

Older female Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Bollywood stars like Kajol, are often seen wearing a pair of black frames to help their vision and looks at the same time.

Since this colour is such an extravaganza for the eyes, it is available in all shapes and sizes for you to flaunt. Just pick the right shape and you will be good to go for a youthful appeal.

2. Gray eyeglass frames

Gray is a cool and neutral colour that can help you lead a simple life without attracting attention to your eyes. That’s right! Some frames are just great to be used merely as spectacles while helping you embrace your subtle and clean nature.

With womens gray eyeglass frames, you can cherish high-quality frames to cover your beautiful eyes. Unlike many other pairs on this list, these frames might not make you look younger, yet they will certainly not make you feel older. 

The simplicity of these frames keeps your youthfulness intact and helps you lead life a cool way.

You can enjoy wearing gray coloured glasses in any shape and size. Make sure you wear them with attractive coloured clothing in order to balance the simplicity. They will also blend in with your hair if it’s gray.

3. Oversized frames

Oversized glasses don’t suit every elder. But if you feel amazing and youthful on the inside, no matter what your age, oversized is your way to go. 

Don’t believe us? Check out Iris Apfel, the 99 year old American businesswoman and fashion diva. She wears bold and black oversized round frames that suit her charismatic persona.

You can don the same round frames if you have an oval, square or heart shaped face. Also, make sure you choose colours that go with your skin tone and the colour of your hair. 

For example, if your hair colour is gray, cool colours like blue and silver will be great. Black will always be trending, so whether or not you can find another suitable colour, black will be your saviour.

Another great characteristic of oversized frames is that they can help you hide your baggy eyes and wrinkles around them.

Since the frames are large, the access to wide vision is a bonus if you get these frames considering how issues like presbyopia might be hampering your vision.

4. Cat-eye glasses frames

Cat-eyes have a feminine touch you ought to admire. With unswept edges, they add a sense of maturity to your look, while the overall shape adds to the liveliness. 

They are great for every aging woman as they uplift your face in no time. We wonder if you have noticed the 66 years old Oprah Winfrey don one of the appealing cat-eye frames. 

Choose these frames if you love adding some vibrance to your looks. These glasses suit women of every age. And if you have a diamond cut or oval face, then the frames can’t help but become your best friends.

5. Browline glasses

Not every elder woman chooses to go funky in order to look younger. Some love flaunting their sophistication and maturity with the way they dress and accessorize. 

Browline glasses – the ones that have a heavy brow bar – help women do that. And that’s why, no matter how young or old, many businesswomen love donning such a pair.

Make sure if you wear a browline, do balance the thickness at the brows with a beautiful lip colour. Not wearing lipstick isn’t a good idea with browlines. 

The pair is also suitable if you want an everlasting set of frames. Since they are thick and made of strong materials in order to suit the design, they are safe to use.

You can find them in many colours to suit your personality, hair colour and skin tone.


6. Clear frame glasses

Now, if you are not someone who likes to shout out loud with her looks and want to embrace your elderly demeanour by showing it off, clear frames are a great choice. 

These frames are quite versatile. They suit almost any face shape, skin tone, hair colour and can blend it with any coloured outfit as they don’t have specific colours on their own.

Also, if you want to flaunt a look like you are not wearing any glasses, clear frames can help you do that too. 

They are not an awesome choice for your personality if you have wrinkles or baggy eyes that you wish to hide.

7. Rimless glasses

Similar to clear frames, rimless glasses are minimalistic too. You can don them if you are someone who doesn’t like to grab any attention to the eyes. 

Rimless glasses are available in almost every shape and size. Plus, you can find their temples in any colour, which makes them a great candidate in the extensive collection of gorgeous glasses frames for 50 year old women.

Most elderly women who don’t like to show off a funky cool pair, often select colours like silver, copper and gold for the temples.

A shape like square, round, and rectangle will keep the subtlety alive.

8. Small oval-shaped frames

There’s no dearth of magnificent glasses for older women if you love a subtle appeal. Oval shaped frames are another example. 

While they won’t be very suitable for round or oval faces, you will look incredible if you have a diamond or square shaped face cut. That’s because the magic of the oval frames lies in their curved edges which soften your look.

Being small, these frames don’t put a lot of weight on your eyes. What’s more? The oval-shaped frames can be found in your favourite colours. Choose them wisely according to your skin tone and hair colour.

9. Round frames

There is nothing hotter in the world of eyewear than a simple yet appealing pair of round frames. Whether you want the perfect glasses or the best sunglasses for a 50 year old woman, round frames will help.

Always in the ‘latest spectacle frames female’ collection, the rounds have a reputation of adding a certain fashionable appeal no other accessory can.

These glasses for older women can be funky or elegant depending on the designs you choose. Make sure you have a face shape with edges, for example, in a square face. The round will soften the overall look with its curves.

Now, you know how to choose a colour. See if it matches your hair colour and skin tone. Prefer warm colours like red and brown as they look more lively. You can choose black too as it goes along with about anything and everything you own.

Being full-rimmed in an incredible shape, these frames are bound to bring a basket full of compliments for your beautiful eyes.

10. Square geeky glasses

A full-rimmed pair of strong and lightweight square frames is what you need if you have a curvy face.

The shape of the frames balances the soft edges you have, so if you have a round or oval face, you are good to go with these.

They are best for older women who don’t want to spend much time and effort dressing up. A simple square pair of frames can enlighten the youthfulness within the lady. That too without shouting out loud with chunky figures, bold colours or unusual designs.

These spectacle frames for ladies will not disappoint. They will help you embrace your sophistication and minimalism in a significant way. Plus, they make you look cute, smart and nerdy, all at the same time for a good load of compliments.

11. Tortoiseshell frames

Tortoiseshell is a trendy pair no matter what your age. Its brown, blonde and golden colours go well with hair that’s of the same colours or black. So, if you have gray hair, tortoiseshell might not be the pair you need.

Why are they so popular? Because of the patterns and charm they have. A tortoiseshell pair of frames can help you grab attention in every party.

You can get your pair in any size (oversized/small) or shape (round, square, etc). The design suits almost every attire, face shape and skin tone.

In case you are thinking, if tortoiseshell glasses frames for a 50 year old woman are suitable or not, there is no need to think twice. That’s because even Jennifer Aniston (famously known as Rachel Green from ‘Friends’) now 51, is a fan of tortoiseshell frames.

12. Vintage eyeglasses

Now, if you have loved the retro times, you might want to flaunt the mesmerising styles of the ’80s. 

Vintage eyeglasses can help you add a spark to your looks and in your surroundings, in an instant.

They are gorgeous, fashionable and are available in every style – be it round, square, wayfarer, cat eye, or oval. Thus, implying that they are suitable for older women no matter what the face shape.

Being so mesmerising makes vintage eyeglasses a great fashion accessory. You can enjoy them even if you don’t have any eyesight issues like myopia, presbyopia, etc.


So, you see, there is an extensive variety of eyeglass frames for older women you can choose from. 

Why wait? There is no reason why you shouldn’t look younger with such a cool accessory when you already feel young on the inside.

After all, that’s what Emoha has been trying to do for years. We aim to make a community of happy elders by simplifying and energising their life. 

And what’s better to energise your life than wearing something that will make you feel special.

Don’t you think?

So, come on, get a set of frames for yourself (or your elders) and energise your life.

Also, share this with the older women you love and care for.

And if you have questions regarding anything like our home nursing plans, the Emoha app, volunteering etc. just make a quick phone call at our toll-free number 1800-123-44-5555.


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