How Emoha Managed an Emergency Amid Covid Lockdown

Our Emergency Responder Team (ERT) in Green Park took a note of the medical emergency and arranged for an ambulance by 6.10 pm.

Our ERT comprising ex-defence personnel Pardeep Kumar and Community Nurse Jijo Kuruvilla along with the ambulance reached the medical emergency spot in Vasant Kunj at 6.45 pm and the critically ill elder was taken to the base hospital in Delhi Cantonment. They reached the hospital by 7.45 pm.

The medical emergency was attended to within a short time of less than one and a half hours. Due to the swift action, uncle got stable. He was later discharged from the hospital.

Uncle’s children were not with him at the time of the medical emergency but our team was in constant touch with them and kept them updating about his condition. They were grateful to Emoha for their rapid response and keeping them informed about uncle’s condition.

Emoha’s emergency medical services are there to look after the elderly and get activated at the first sign of trouble. Our 24*7 helpdesk is a major component of our emergency medical services and one can notify us about a medical emergency by calling us on 1800-123-445555.

Our ERT comprising ex-defence personnel and certified paramedics as first responders are equipped with life-saving devices and are trained to perform CPR and offer first-aid in a medical emergency.

Another major part of our emergency services is the installation of Emoha Sense, a range of smart sensors at your home which will notify us in the event of any medical emergency. Whether it’s a fall, fire, heart attack or theft, you can notify us with a simple push of the panic button that comes along with the sensors.

Once we are notified of a medical emergency, our ERT reaches the incident spot in the soonest possible time and also coordinates in arranging ambulance and other requirements.

Our emergency medical services have been designed to attend to an emergency in the shortest possible time and ensuring that the patient gets full medical attention without any delay.

We can never see our elders suffering. We understand how crucial every second is for an elder who’s in trouble. Therefore, our emergency medical services have been designed keeping the same in mind.

Want to know more about our emergency medical services? Call us on 1800-123-445555 now.