A Day in the Life of a Caretaker

Khushi has always won the hearts of those whom she has served. An elder of whom she was taking care under our Smart Home Care Plan got so attached to Khushi that she had tears in her eyes on the last day of Khushi’s duty.


As a caretaker, Khushi used to help the elder with her exercises which had to be done thrice every day. The duty of a patient caretaker doesn’t end at medical support. As a patient caretaker, a person is also expected to support an elder mentally and emotionally. Khushi is a living example of an excellent patient caretaker. Along with making the elder exercise, Khushi also used to be on the elder’s side throughout the day and they used to have tea together and have a good talk and laugh.


India’s elderly population is expected to triple by 2050. In such a scenario, it becomes all the more important to focus on eldercare. Due to professional commitments, children are left with no other option but to move to other cities in search of a better future. For parents who are staying alone, caretakers is the need of the hour. 


In fact, kids themselves are so considerate that they arrange for old age caretakers for their parents. From taking care of their medical condition to helping them in living a happy life, an old age caretaker provides full support to an elder. 


Khushi was also taking care of an elder and as an old age caretaker she beautifully handled the entire period of her duty. She never considered her duty of an old age caretaker as a job, in fact she loved doing it.


“It was a very good experience and the way they treated me made me realise that what am doing holds so much importance and value,” Khushi shares.


“Not everything is done for money, some things are done purely out of your heart,” she adds.


Emoha is so proud that Khushi is part of our family. We understand that apart from medical expertise, one also needs to have their heart in the right place to be able to serve an elder.


“I got the respect that GDAs (caretakers) generally don’t get and the way they treat everyone is amazing. Am glad I got an opportunity to work with Emoha,” Khushi says.


At Emoha, be it our caretakers (patient caretakers and old age caretakers), Care Angels (nurses), Care Partners (attendants), they are compassionate enough to understand the needs of elders and serve them in the best possible manner. Because for Emoha, it will always be about the emotional happiness of elders.


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