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2nd Feb 2024
Senior Care Technology Trends

Top 5 Senior Care Technology Trends to Know in 2024

The year 2024 is set to be a landmark year for elderly care in India, marked by remarkable advancements in technology designed to improve the quality of life for seniors. Let’s explore these transformative trends in more depth and discover how Emoha Elder Care Services is integrating these technologies to revolutionize senior care. Let us dive into the Top 5 Senior Care Technology Trends in 2024.

  1. Wearable Health Monitors Lead the Charge

Wearable health devices are becoming increasingly popular among India’s elderly population. Examples include the Fitbit for tracking physical activity, the Apple Watch for heart rate monitoring, and new entrants like the GlucoWatch, a non-invasive blood glucose monitor.

In the third quarter of 2022, the market saw a 56.4% year-over-year growth, with smartwatches being the fastest-growing category, achieving a staggering 178.8% growth​​. This trend continued into the first half of 2023, with the market growing by 53.3%, and smartwatch models witnessing a 128.6% growth year-over-year​​.

These gadgets can detect early signs of health issues, such as irregular heartbeats or spikes in blood sugar levels, allowing for prompt medical intervention.

  1. Revolution in Medical Record-Keeping

Inconsistent medical records have been a long-standing issue in India, where many seniors relocate for retirement or to be closer to family. Advanced wearables offer a solution by syncing health data to cloud-based platforms. A study showed that 40% of medical errors are due to inadequate health history information. With wearables, healthcare providers can access up-to-date health data, significantly reducing the risk of such errors and enhancing the quality of care for seniors.

  1. Patient-Centric Healthcare Takes Center Stage

The shift towards patient-centric healthcare is driven by technologies that empower patients to take an active role in their health management. Telemedicine platforms, for example, have seen a 50% increase in usage among seniors in India since 2023. These platforms, along with health trackers, enable continuous communication between patients and healthcare providers, facilitating personalized care plans based on real-time data.

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  1. Diversity in Health Tracking Products

The market for health trackers is diverse, catering to various health needs. For instance, the Polar Chest Strap is preferred by those focusing on cardiac health, while devices like Sleep as Android are popular for monitoring sleep patterns. Innovative products like the Ultra-human tracker, which monitors metabolic health, have gained a 20% market share among seniors interested in managing diabetes and weight.

  1. Emphasis on Accuracy and Reliability

With the influx of health gadgets, the emphasis on accuracy and reliability has never been more critical. A survey revealed that about 60% of seniors in USA prioritize FDA-approved devices for health monitoring. Consequently, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on scientific validation and reliability. It’s essential for seniors and healthcare providers to choose devices that have undergone rigorous testing and received approval from recognized health authorities.


The year 2024 promises to be a landmark year in the field of senior care technology in India. With the rise of wearable health monitors and an increased focus on patient-centric care, the elderly population is empowered to take greater control of their health. As the market for these devices grows, seniors and their caregivers must prioritize choosing gadgets that are both accurate and reliable. These technological advancements are not just gadgets but tools that enhance the quality of life, providing peace of mind and fostering independence among India’s elderly.

The advancements in senior care technology in 2024 present an exciting opportunity for improving the lives of India’s elderly. Emoha Elder Care Services is at the forefront of this transformation, integrating cutting-edge technologies into their comprehensive care plans.

Our approach not only focuses on health monitoring but also on enhancing the overall well-being and independence of seniors. With a blend of innovative gadgets, personalized care, and a commitment to quality, Emoha is setting new standards in elderly care.

In addition to these technological advancements, Emoha Elder Care Services emphasizes the importance of social and emotional support for the elderly. We offer programs and activities designed to keep seniors engaged, socially active, and mentally stimulated. From virtual yoga sessions to online hobby classes, Emoha ensures that the seniors in their care enjoy a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Emoha invites families to explore their comprehensive range of services and to join them in embracing this new era of elderly care. For more information, or to become part of the Emoha community, visit Emoha’s website or contact their team. Together, we can ensure that our seniors live their golden years with dignity, comfort, and the best care possible.