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24th Nov 2020
Innovative Products for the Elderly

Innovative Products for the Elderly

Technology and its advancement have made it easier for the elders to live on their own. With this ever-evolving era of high-tech devices, elders have gained a certain level of assistance in living independently. They believe in themselves more, get confident and a lot happier. There are many innovative and elder-friendly products that can make their life easier.

Read on to know more about the innovative products to help the elderly in their daily life.

Helpful Innovative Products for the Elderly

Wear your worries away with high-tech wearable

While these high-tech gadgets might seem a little intimidating to get comfortable with, the learning curve is not steep at all, and you’ll find them becoming a part of your daily activities in no time.

Not only are they easy to navigate with simple user interfaces, but they also come loaded with features that can benefit all users. The Apple Watch, for instance, comes with High, Low, or Irregular Heart Rate Notifications through its Optical heart sensor / PPG. It also features an ECG App courtesy of its Electrical heart sensors and can monitor your blood oxygen levels. It also doubles as a phone in case of emergencies!

If that sounds like too much of a handful, you can also get a wrist blood pressure monitor, which can check your BP at the press of a button, or a fall tracker that can identify when you’ve had an unfortunate fall and notify caregivers and emergency services.

There are numerous options available for all kinds of wearable. Speak to your Emoha Relationship Manager to find out the best fit for you!

Liven up your home with these lively assistants

Ever wished you could tell your coffee-machine to brew up a hot cup of coffee from the comfort of your bed? Or have your favorite news sources read out to you as you brush your teeth?

Well, with the new range of home assistants from companies like MI, Google, and Amazon, you can have all that and countless other features!

If you don’t want to invest right away, you can get a large part of the experience right on your very own smartphones! Most come pre-loaded with software like Bixby and Google, which can do most of what their physical counterparts can, allowing you to get an idea of what’s in store should you get a device like the Google Nest or Amazon Echo.

Stay tuned for a step-by-step manual for setting up and making the most of your digital assistants, and reach out to us any time for help!

Get a new grip and reach for the stars

(Jar openers, grabbing tool, grab handles, anti-slip mats/footwear, long handle scrubs)

These little knickknacks might not be high tech like the earlier two categories, but they are no less useful on a daily basis. As you age, it becomes common to lose grip, strength, and mobility in your shoulders. With these handy jar-openers and grabbers, you no longer have to fear tight lids or high shelves. We also highly recommend getting anti-slip mats for your shower and near your washbasins, along with anti-slip footwear. These can help prevent all too frequent slips in the washrooms and kitchens. You can also get long-handle scrubbers to clean those hard to reach spots while taking a shower

Fit as a fiddle

Most workouts for elders are oriented towards cardio and aerobics. While they are essential for good heart health and agility, it’s always important to put anaerobic stress on your muscles. However, going to the gym and pumping iron might be a little intimidating for many people, and for a good reason, it’s easy to hurt yourself. That’s where elastic resistance and loop bands come in! These lightweight and ultraportable bands come as single pieces or in sets of increasing resistance and are practically a full gym in a satchel!

Don’t forget to tune into MohTV for workouts with expert physical therapists, which can be done from the comfort of your room.

Don’t forget to have fun! (Medication reminders) Digital and regular pillboxes, reminder apps.

Let’s face it: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are no longer complete without a side-serving of vitamins, minerals, and your other prescriptions. With all the things to keep track of, it is possible to miss one or two medication doses. To help take the load off of your mind, you can get a smart pillbox that enables you to keep track of your medication. Some of these are quite basic, which have you divide up your pills based on the days of the week. These can help keep track of what you’ve taken and what you have not, but it still relies on remembering to take your medication on time. If you are prone to forget, you can get a digital dispenser which reminds you to take your medicines on time, so that all you have to remember is to have fun! Oh, and also to tune into MohTV.