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19th May 2020
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This is How You Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

According to studies, India has witnessed an increase in heart diseases, also known as cardiovascular diseases, by 50% in the last decade.

Cardiovascular diseases can be described as diseases that block the arteries and suppress the blood flow. A heart attack is one of the most prevailing cardiovascular diseases. Thrombosis, congenital heart diseases, and coronary heart diseases, etc. are also a few on the list.

You must know the early symptoms of heart attack and other diseases as well to circumvent any major problem.

There are certain signs to know that your heart is unhealthy. For instance, there are some early symptoms that may indicate a heart attack. Some of the typical heart attack symptoms are sensations in the chest or arms, breathlessness, chest pain, neck, back or jaw, cold sweating, fatigue, and sudden dizziness. When you see such heart attack symptoms, take immediate action.

Elderly people are at a higher risk of suffering from the same and related diseases because of low energy and more age.

To avoid such heart attack symptoms, you may involve yourself in various physical activities like walking, yoga, meditation, cycling, etc. Also, ensure that you eat healthy as well. You must have maximum intake of fluids to avoid heart attack symptoms during the day.

Moreover, don’t ignore even a single symptom like chest pain, cold sweat, fatigue, etc.

As a precautionary measure for the above-mentioned heart attack symptoms, let’s understand what you can do if anyone in your family or the neighbourhood shows heart attack symptoms. Though your first step should be to call an ambulance or paramedics, here are a few things that will help the patient.

  • If the patient is unconscious, make them lie down comfortably. It may relieve the patient from chest pain
  • Loosen up the clothes quickly
  • If the patient has been prescribed Nitroglycerin tablets in the past, help them consume it in the right dosage
  • If the patient isn’t allergic to aspirin, ask them to chew it immediately
  • Practice CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), if you are trained

At times, traffic or roadblocks may affect the timely arrival of the ambulance which may worsen the situation of chest pain or heart attack. To overcome any mishap, you may contact Emoha Elder Care’s Emergency Responder Team (ERT). As soon as you contact, our bike responders comprising of a paramedic nurse and ex-defence personnel will reach the emergency spot at the earliest.

Emoha’s ERT is trained to attend to accidents, perform CPR, and offer first-aid to the patient. They will provide the necessary medication for chest pain and ensure that the patient is in better condition. They also look after a timely arrival at the hospital.

To know more about this service of Emoha, call on our helpline at 1800-123-445555.