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27th Feb 2021

12 Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors


Longevity in India has increased due to advancement in the fields of Science and Medicine. By 2025, the number of Elderly people in India is expected to increase to around 159 million, according to the United Nations estimate. Therefore, ensuring that they remain healthy mentally and physically, as well as safe, secure and comfortable, should be a priority for us all. It is a boon and a blessing to have our elders amongst us and we must look after them with love and devotion.

The Bathroom has for long been considered a dangerous place for older adults, since the maximum number of falls and slips that happen in a home occur in the bathroom. The smaller space, hard surfaces, corners, edges, along with soapy water, can be really hazardous for seniors. Though fractures and bruises are common, thousands of elderly even die due to falls and injury sustained in the bathroom. It has been a matter of concern and worry for the elders and caregivers.

Innovative Safety Products

Fortunately, evolving technology has come up with carefully designed products that are essential for the safety and comfort of seniors. These safety measures make it easier for the elderly, especially those with disabilities or requiring special care, to take care of their daily hygiene needs themselves.

The following is a list of some products that will aid older adults to use the bathroom safely, without apprehension.

1. Wall-mounted folding Shower and Bath Chair—legs, back and arms. Foldable shower chair; foldable shower stool. Sit down shower is safer and prevents fatigue.

2. Roll-in Shower/Commode Wheelchair, in different sizes to fit various shapes-adjustable, with lid. For safety and comfort.

3. Adjustable Toilet Safety Frame for different toilet heights and width to suit individual elderly.

4. Raised Toilet Seat with Lid. Helpful for seniors with arthritis, joints and back ache.

5. Hygienic Bidet, specialized fixture for easy personal hygiene. Installed on the side of toilet seat with adjustable nozzle to control water pressure.

6. Grab bar Rail or Curved Grab Bars, next to toilet and shower/bath areas.

7. Floor to ceiling Security Pole with curved Grab Bars, alongside Bathtub. Or bathtub safety grab bar which locks to side of bathtub, for extra hand-old while getting in or out of tub.

8. Hand-held Shower-Head, makes it easier for seniors to sit comfortably and wash themselves.

9. Rubber-grip, anti-slip Bath Mats, essential around bathing areas, toilet and entrance of bathroom.

10. 3M Scotch gripping Tape-flexible, high-grip tape wrapped around grab bars and rails assures a more secure hold for elders without a strong grip.

11. Anti-slip Bathtub Coating on textured floor of bathtub.

12. Orthopedic Portable Toilet, for Bed-ridden or seriously ailing elders.

Additionally, there are many other aids that will make life easier for our seniors:

  • Urine Pots-designed for people with mobility issues, particularly at night or while ill.
  • Bottom-buddy toilet aid.
  • Long-handled Sponge with contour head, for easy soap application.
  • Long-handled roll-easy Lotion Applicator.
  • Long-handled Brush and Comb.
  • Nail-clipper with Magnifying Glass attached.
  • Glow-in the dark slip-resistant Adhesive Tape,that will stick to most surfaces and can guide the elder’s way to the emergency box or the bathroom etc.
  • The lighting of the bathroom is very important – it must be well-lighted at all times, with LED lights.
  • NB–For further assistance, please contact the various manufacturing companies in India that are selling these products.

Family members or caregivers are not always around to assist the elderly and often the elders themselves do not want anyone to help them in the bathroom. Therefore ensuring bathroom safety gives a sense of security to the senior, as well as reassuring the children or other caregivers that their elderly will be safe and comfortable while taking care of their daily hygiene.

Let us enhance the quality of life of our beloved seniors, by ensuring their dignity, safety and comfort.

EMOHA ELDERCARE is committed to serving our community of Elders with dedication. Please do contact us for any kind of help or guidance. For us, it is always #EldersFirst.