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JOIN #MissionEldersFirst – Ghar Pe Rahiye


Our world is going through an unprecedented crisis. 110 million elders in India are experiencing an increase in vulnerability due to the sudden COVID-19 outbreak. While the country is taking various measures to limit the spread of infection, it is extremely important for all of us to join together in a mission to protect those who are the most at risk – our elders.

At Emoha, elders come first and their wellbeing is our topmost concern. Home is the safest place for an elder to be in during these uncertain times and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve seniors across Delhi/NCR to remain at home, while we take care of their needs.

This is a defining moment for each of us as citizens of the world and despite all the challenges and struggles, each of us have the power and energy within us to make a difference and an impact to those around us who have made us who we are today.

Become a Volunteer Now!


Let's together make a difference in the lives of elders!

Your responsibilities as an Emoha Volunteer

Volunteers need to be aware that they are going to be taking care of elders and therefore need to take extra care of their own health and hygiene.
In case of any symptoms whatsoever, the volunteer is to report back to the Coordinator’s office and only after approval by the clinical director will he/she be allowed to take on any volunteering responsibility.

What will you do as an Emoha Volunteer?

1. Verified Volunteer will be assigned requests by elders within their neighbourhood by the Emoha Call Center.

2. Each Volunteer will be allocated a “Moment of Kind Action” (MOKA) moment - an opportunity to help complete an errand for an elder

3. Each MOKA will have details of the elder’s name, address, Google Map URL, phone number and details of the specific errand / support need. Volunteer will have the discretion to accept / deny a MOKA request after evaluating the same.

4. On completion of an errand, in case it is a delivery of a good, volunteer will drop off the same at the doorstep of elder’s home and adhere to the hygiene and sanitation precautions as recommended by Emoha. Payment for the supplies will be made by the elder to the volunteer directly.

5. Volunteer will notify the Emoha Call Center that the job has been completed.


DO’s and Don’t’s

All volunteers must wear a mask and have hand sanitizers with them
Volunteers are not allowed to enter the elder’s home
Volunteers must stand 6 feet away from elder
Volunteers should inform the Coordinator’s office in case Volunteer is unable to full fill the MOKA work assigned by the elder.