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Respite Care

Understanding What Respite Care Means & its Necessity


What respite care means is care given to the elder but in order to provide relief to the family. Many families experience burnout while trying to take care of their loved ones who might be facing critical health conditions. Adjusting to a new life while fulfilling the elder’s needs is not an easy task. The stress can hamper the health of the family members, thus increasing the number of ill people in the house. The stress increases when there is a need to get a break, or focus on another obligation like that of work or some other family member’s health. That’s why the need for respite care for elderly arises. Let’s understand why respite care is important with the following pointers that talk about the benefits that come with it.

Why Respite Care for Elderly is Important

Every caregiving family needs a break at times. And Emoha’s respite care for elderly makes sure they get as many as they want at pocket friendly rates. This brings the family and the elder, tons of respite care benefits to cherish. Read on to know the core elements that are necessary to address when it comes to respite care at home.

Strengthening family bonds & giving caregivers a break



Respite care meaning for family caregivers is an opportunity to not feel the burden of handling an elder alone. If a particular family member is the only one taking care of the patient, then it can often lead to resentment which can weaken the bond with other family members. Having some help in the form of a respite caregiver will take care of any scheduling issues you may have with the family. At times when no one is free to stay with the elder, you won’t have to compromise with your personal time. You can always connect with Emoha and get a few hours or days of respite care. The primary aspect of respite care is to ensure the family caregiver gets their much needed break. After all, everyone deserves some personal time, whether it is to nap, go on a small vacation and relax. Also, there can be a need to catch up with other duties. And if a caregiver commits to handling it all while giving full attention to the elder, she may end up burning out. Emoha helps you catch that break, and return with a fresh mind as the family caregiver for your elder.


Enhancing everyone's health & relieving their anxiety



If for any reason an elder patient has to stay at home without any caregiver supporting them, the situation may increase their anxiety. This anxiety may further worsen the health condition of the elder. Infact, even the family caregiver who may have left the elder alone for a few hours only, will be stressed and anxious all that time. Whether the caregiver is out for a fun get together or some urgent work, they won’t be able to enjoy their time. A respite caregiver from Emoha helps both the elder and the family caregiver keep stress at bay, and know that everything is fine and under control. Respite care is even more important for the family members because taking the stress of caring for the elder may reduce their immunity and lead to illness. So, a break is crucial. That’s why families need flexible and around the clock caregiving services. And we, at Emoha make sure to provide that.

Decreasing the probability of readmission to the hospital



When your elder has been discharged, he becomes more vulnerable to falls, pain etc. because of which the caregiver’s responsibilities increase by multiple times. If things go wrong, you will have to admit the elder back to the hospital in no time. Yet, you cannot deny that fact that it will take some time for the family caregiver to adjust to the elder’s needs. It will take her some time to understand and create strategies to help the elder even for daily activities like taking a bath and eating. With the newfound stress, it is possible the family caregiver may make some mistakes or may not be skilled enough to handle all kinds of situations. That’s why respite care is important from a skilled and experienced professional caregiver from Emoha. It will help reduce the chances of readmission in the hospital and will ensure extra safety for both the elder and the family caregiver.

Getting new strategies for elder care.



Caregiving is not a piece of cake. From taking care of the critical parameters of a patient like oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood pressure, etc., to regular activities like eating, dressing up, etc., a caregiver has a lot to take care of. Apart from these, the caregiver also has to take care of the new situations that come up without notice. For example, sometimes a dementia patient may refuse to eat their food or take a bath because they believe they have already done that before. At times, an elder may be in unbearable pain that the caregiver may not be able to relieve even after multiple efforts. A session of respite care with a professional caregiver can give a family caregiver the opportunity to get solutions to such problems. After all, respite caregivers have the training that’s required for different types of patients and situations. They know how to check if a senior’s care plan needs to be changed. Even if you don’t have any problems, the respite caregivers can give you strategies to make it all easier for you.

More social interaction.



Both the elder and the family caregiver have to spend a lot of time alone. The elder cannot make new friends because of being bedridden while the family caregiver has to compromise on his/her personal life to give attention to the elder. The feeling of isolation that comes with such a situation often ends up hampering the patient’s health. Respite caregivers can be one of the few social interactions that an elder gets while he is bedridden. The new caregiver can help avoid the lonely feeling. With respite care at home, your elder will get a new friend to speak to while the family caregiver will get a break to enjoy a little time with his/her friends and come back with new stories to share with the elder.





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Respite Care at Home FAQs


The moment when the family caregiver feels the need to get a break from caring for the elder is when she must consider respite care. Now, this can be a situation when you have another obligation to take care of, or you feel tired and frustrated after your efforts of meeting the elder’s needs every day. It is also a good idea to take a break, when you feel you cannot handle this alone and need an expert’s advice with strategies that will help you take care of the elder in a much better way.

Respite care works in two ways. It can be in-home or outside in respite care homes. When you want a personal caregiver or a companion for your elder living at the comfort of your home, the type of respite care is called in-home. This is the most common type. The other type is when respite care happens outside in adult day centers or nursing home type facilities also known as respite care centers. Here the elder does not live at their home or with family. At such centers, the caregiver is not the only person responsible for the care of the elder. These respite care homes have facilities which take care of the elder’s socialization, meals, and other activities.

Whether the respite care is for dementia, stroke, Alzheimer's, cancer, or any disability, Emoha provides these services for all. According to the patient’s condition and the family’s needs, Emoha helps you get personalized respite care at home. While getting one on one care and attention for the elder, you can ask the respite caregiver to help with feeding, dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing, shopping and meal prep as well. It is the respite caregiver’s duty to take care of the elder’s needs. It can be on a mental level by having conversations and playing games with them or at a physical level by helping them move and eat. The timings can also be flexible according to the requirement of the family. You can get a respite caregiver for a few hours, a weekend or even a whole week 24/7. Contact us now if you have any questions regarding this.

Yes, you can get respite care for your elder by contacting us at Emoha. Whether your elder resides in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida or nearby, you can get us to help you with a fully flexible respite care plan. Call us now at 1800-123-445555