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Injection at Home

Injection at Home - a Service to Revolutionize Your Elder’s Comfort


In today's changing world, when everything is available at your doorstep, medical services must also follow the same. One of the fundamental healthcare requirements is getting an injection. But, whenever there is a need for that, elders find it difficult to visit the hospital. It’s also not safe for them to spend a lot of time there because age weakens their immunity. With a weak immunity, they are more likely to get infections from the hospital environment. To save the elders from that discomfort, some people do search ‘how to give injection at home’. They might get their answers and may even feel like they can perform it. But an injection shot requires expert hands and accurate care and attention. An inexperienced family member should not be experimenting with their elder. So, the best option is to get injection at home by nurses from Emoha who are experts. Also, an injection at home service saves time for both the elder and the family. The healing is faster when the elder has adequate time for further medical help. Unlike at hospitals where a waiting queue does not let the nurse assist the patient properly. To avail all these benefits for your elder, you must call us at Emoha to get injection at home. You can contact us at 1800-123-445555.

Why Should You Get Injection at Home Service for Elders?

To get injection at home by nurses is a splendid option, considering how convenient and comfortable it is. Often, the elder cannot travel to the hospital, while in other cases he does not want to. The reasons can be a lack of physical and mental energy or depression. But there are a few other factors that can make injection at home service incredible for almost any elder out there. Keep reading to know.

For Correct Injection Administration



An expert at Emoha who will come for an injection at home knows what factors he must recheck before administering the injection. Unlike a novice, an experienced nurse checks if the medication is right and if the dose is the correct amount. He will check if it's the right time for the injection. Yes! You must always check when the elder has had the last dose and if enough time has gone by after that. This expert also checks for the right reason why the medication has been prescribed to the elder. He will not just inject a drug in the elder because it's on the prescription, but he will verify that with his knowledge. He will make sure if the route of the injection is the appropriate one. All this checking is necessary to ensure the elder does not go through any unnecessary pain or worse complications after the injection at home by nurse. Finally, the expert also documents the process. He notes down the time, route, and dose of medication so that the next time the elder needs an injection at home, this will help in the administration.


For Quality Assurance



Another reason to get a professional injection at home service from the experts at Emoha is to ensure the quality. And this just not only includes the way of injection administration to the patient. Experts make sure that they use only sterilized and packaged kits as per standard guidelines for the protection of patients. They ensure the elder stays away from all kinds of possible infections from injections. While swelling or redness is okay, a high fever or a condition like anaphylaxis will need the elder to visit the hospital for treatment. Experts thus, ensure all this does not happen.


For Hassle-Free & Time-Saving Experience



Having qualified nurses and caregivers at your service for injection at home for an elder removes all the hassle of going to the hospital and standing in queues. When getting a service like this from experts, you can also be sure of their nature. Anyone who is not empathetic and not compassionate must never handle an elder. Experts at Emoha are well trained in how to treat and talk with elders, and thus save you a lot of hassle. If your elder feels injection shots are scary, our experts know how to get out of that situation too. On top of all this, think about the time you and your elder would save by not traveling to the hospital or clinic to get that injection. Especially, if the elder needs regular shots like that in the case of diabetes. Saving you all that trouble and time makes injection at home service a great choice.






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Injection at Home FAQs

You can get in touch with Emoha to get injections at home for your elder. That’s because if some inexperienced person tries giving injection at home, it may lead to side effects like high fever, paralysis, weak pulse, vomiting, etc.

Yes, call us at our toll-free number 1800-123-445555, and we will send an expert to your elder for hassle-free insulin injection at home.

Absolutely. Emoha offers the service of injection at home by nurse in places near Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, and Gurgaon. If your elder lives around these places, we can send a nurse. For other regions in India, Emoha currently only provides virtual coordination and support.

If the injection at home is not given properly or a person who does not have the necessary training tries injecting, then it may lead to side effects. These can be as small as swelling and as big as an all-body reaction. Conditions like anaphylaxis or sepsis (all-body reaction) can be gruesome for the elder’s health. If you see your elder developing symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, nausea, or chest tightness. Or irregular heartbeat, weak pulse, facial swelling, etc., then this is what you must worry about. The problems also depend on the route of the injection- under the skin, into a vein, or into a muscle. Accordingly, some symptoms can be extreme pain on the injection site and high fever.

To reduce the pain of the injection at home for the elder, the expert may try to numb the site by topical anesthesia. Distracting the elder during the time of injection administration may also help. Massaging the site of the shot and relaxing those muscles can be of great help.

The charges for injection at home are quite affordable. Especially considering that you can save the money which you might have used in the travel from home to hospital otherwise. The exact cost will depend on the drug that has to be administered as well, in case, you don’t have it already. So, to get a clearer idea of the cost, please call us on our toll-free number 1800-123-445555, and we’ll give you the details./p>