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Caregiver for Elderly Patients

Caregiver for Elderly Patients - How They Make Your Life Better


Caregiver for elderly patients is a necessity if you are a busy family member unable to find time for their health. Many of us find ourselves too busy with life while caring for the financial needs of a family that we don't get the time and energy to care for a loved one. Thankfully, Emoha has several experienced professional caregivers for the elderly for you to hire. All of these caregivers are specially trained. They have all the qualities necessary to be the best companion for your elder.


What is the Role of Caregiver for Elderly at Emoha?

Caregivers for elderly are kind-hearted and have the compassion and empathy your elder deserves. Their experience with other patients gives them the credibility and confidence to take care of your elder. Additionally, these caregivers are also skilled in specialized services. For instance, if your elder needs IV-drips, insulin shots for diabetes, etc., the caregiver has the skills to do that efficiently. So what exactly is the role of caregiver if you hire one from Emoha for your elder? The following is what they do:

Assess Medical Needs & Create Care Plan



An elder may have one ailment or many. He may be recovering from an injury or maybe undergoing surgery. Chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, etc. might be making the elder dependent on someone else. In cases like that of cancer or during critical care, the patient is mostly on the verge of giving up on the hopes of treatment and recovery. No matter what the case, a caregiver for the elderly makes sure she understands the patient’s medical needs. It’s her responsibility to assess and note what medications the elder is taking, when they have their appointments with the doctor or for a procedure, etc. It is her responsibility to create a care plan where she can empathetically help the elder lead a better and happier life. The health and safety of the elder are the caregiver’s responsibility, which is also her utmost priority.


Help For Basic Needs With Companionship



Most elders are not able to fulfill even their basic needs. Either their advancing age or the ailments/injuries that follow this age, make their body and brain weak. They need help with activities like bathing, eating, dressing up, and toileting. Their memory is not as strong as it was in the young days. So the caregiver in home also helps them take their medications, workouts, and meals on time without forgetting. But only doing all this is not enough on the part of the caregiver home care. With all these, the caregiver for the elderly must remember to act more as a companion to the elder than a professional doing her job. This is one of the overlooked aspects of caregiving. An elder is often left alone by his family members. And if the professional caregiver at home doesn’t act as a friend, the elder is bound to fall into the trap of loneliness. Such a situation can worsen the elder’s health condition and may even lead to depression.


Assist With Housekeeping & Prepare Meals if Reqd



Many elders are living without any young people in the house. These elders with their poor health, have to take care of things like taking out the trash, buying groceries, and calling or supervising the electrician/plumber. A professional caregiver in home also takes the responsibility of getting these things done without troubling the elder. This way, the elder’s body, and the brain can focus on healing his ailments instead of house chores. Additionally, the professional caregiver also helps to prepare healthy meals for the elder. These are according to the diet plan suggested by the nutrition experts. In case the elder has a cook, the caregiver for the elderly assists the cook to make sure the elder only consumes food and drinks that comply with his health condition. Monitoring the elder’s meals is necessary. One reason is that with age, an elder feels tired and unmotivated to make his own food. This inability can lead to malnutrition and then to diseases like anorexia, which will need further care by the in home caregiver for elderly parents. Another reason is that the elder’s age brings balance and memory issues, which lead to unsafe cooking for the elder.


Monitor Medications, Health Metrics & Update Care Plan



Elder’s find it tough to take the right medication in the correct dose at the right time. Their weakening memory and increasing tiredness can be the reason for this. A professional caregiver takes the responsibility of making sure the patient never gets an overdose or underdose of the prescribed drugs. The caregiver needed for elderly person also has to constantly check the essential medical parameters. These include oxygen saturation, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and blood sugar. If any of these parameters seems to go wrong, the caregiver informs the doctor immediately. If necessary, she assists the elder in reaching the hospital for a procedure. At Emoha, we have a special telemonitoring device that keeps a check on the health parameters in real-time. So, even if the professional caregiver is not around or aware due to some reason, the backend support team at Emoha will notify the caregiver and the assigned doctor. Lastly, the caregiver for the elderly also takes responsibility for always assessing the elder’s condition. If there are any parts of the care plan that need to get an update, she does the update. For instance, if the patient starts feeling more pain in his body, then the caregiver may increase his dose of pain medication.


Assist With Transfer & Mobility



Mobility is a big issue for most elders. As people age, their bones get weaker. If the elder has an ailment that makes him bedridden, then the transfer and mobility become even more difficult. So, the professional in home caregiver for elderly parents takes the duty to make sure the elder is always safe whenever any movement is necessary. The movement can be to shift from the bed to the wheelchair, go to the bathroom, or use the stairs. The caregiver needed for elderly person also takes care of the senior during transportation, which can be during hospital visits or any other travel. Driving and using public transport may not be a safe option for your loved one. So, the caregiver for the elderly may become in charge of driving the elder wherever necessary. Whatever the case, she makes sure the elder stays as immune to falls as possible because falls can cause injury and damage the patient's body, requiring further treatment and care.






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Caregiver For Elderly FAQs


Caregiver duties and responsibilities for elderly must be checked before you hire one. A caregiver needed for elderly person takes care of the patient. She makes sure he takes his medications and food on time. She assists him in eating, bathing, preparing food, shopping, visiting the hospital, etc.

The cost is dependent on the health condition of the elder. If the situation demands the professional caregiver to stay with the elder for some hours, the cost of caregiver home health will be less. In case the elder is too ill to move, he may need a caregiver 24/7. For such scenarios, the cost of caregiver for elderly may be more. You can get a clearer idea of the cost by calling us at Emoha, at our toll-free number 1800-123-445555.

Hiring an expert caregiver is not an easy task. You might want to ask crucial questions like their work hours. You may want to get in touch with the caregiver’s previous employers. You can ask her about her driving license and if she is comfortable helping the elder with chores involving driving. Ask her if she has taken care of an elder with similar conditions to your loved one. Ask her the expectations regarding vacations and days off work. You should know about the caregiver’s family and address. Ask her if she’s okay with pets, in case you have any. And also, know if she’s ready for a short term or a long term role as the caregiver to elderly parent.

When seeking caregiver for elderly, many times employers forget that the professional which they have hired is human too. A caregiver at home must get enough days off, short vacations, and enough financial support in the form of fees so that she is mentally in a good state when caring for your loved one. In case she is in stress, it can make things terrible for the elder's health without anyone realizing it. So, the caregiver’s good mental health is a requirement employers must take care of.

Emoha can certainly help with caregiver home care. No need to search for ‘caregiver for elderly near me’ any more! If your elder resides anywhere near Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and Delhi, you can get a professional and experienced caregiver for the elderly. That too, without burning your pockets. For other regions in India, we currently only provide virtual support and coordination. Call us at our toll-free number 1800-123-44555 to know more.