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Holi Event for Elders



Holi: A Festival of colors and never ending fun. It is celebrated to welcome the spring, and is also seen as a new beginning of life where people can move on to a fresh start. 


At Emoha, we ensure that elders’ lives are always filled with colors of love, affection, care, and support. Emoha is made of five elements i.e. safety, emergency, entertainment, heath care, and engagement.> 


At Emoha, elders enjoy all the phases of live, be it health care or entertainment. Holi, at Emoha, was celebrated with a great level of enthusiasm, love, and enjoyment. 


The day brought a ray of happiness for the elders. It was celebrated with a round of exciting games, songs, and colors. The elders were gifted with sweets, colors, and a lot of love. 


For Emoha, it is always EldersFirst, which is why on this day, too, they were honored with gifts of love and genuine care by Emoha.