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We at Emoha, are always at the service of our seniors to make their lives easy, convenient and joyful. That is why we have a FREE helpdesk to assist seniors with getting the support they need to live a comfortable life at home. To request a service, please download the Emoha App.

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Covid - Care


We are always here to help our seniors with essential services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Covid Care Kit : A covid care kit contains essentials items that can help you protect yourself and your family disinfect surfaces, manage symptoms, and boost immunity.

Covid Tests : These are diagnostic tests that can detect if you have an active COVID-19 infection.

Plasma Requirement : Convalescent plasma therapy can help people recover from COVID-19. It may lessen the severity or shorten the length of the disease.

Home Sanitization : Get your home thoroughly cleaned and disinfected from trained professionals to ensure the highest standard of hygiene and safety against the virus.

Covid Nurse : With professional experience, a Covid attendant at home will take care of your needs and bear the responsibility of daily activities.

Covid Diet Plan :A Covid diet plan is essential for a speedy and complete recovery along with building immunity, as the body weakens even after recovering from the symptoms.


Labs &

Lab testing is the best way to identify and treat illnesses. Get access to a host of tests at your doorstep with Emoha.

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Full Body Check Up : A routine test in which all the body systems are tested, such as blood, urine, thyroid etc. Apart from this, to keep the body healthy, a full body check-up must be done at least once a year.

ECG : This test is used to check your heart's rhythm and electrical activity. Sensors attached to the skin are used to detect the electrical signals produced by your heart each time it beats.

MRI : Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of scan that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. An MRI scan can be used to examine almost any part of the body.

Lipid Test : A lipid panel is a blood test that measures lipids-fats and fatty substances used as a source of energy by your body. Lipids include cholesterol, triglycerides and more. This panel measures total cholesterol level.

Diabetes Test : Diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes can be diagnosed through blood tests. The blood tests show if your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high.

Thyroid Profile : A thyroid function test is a blood test to check the levels of the hormones made by your thyroid gland. The test also checks the level of a hormone made by the pituitary gland in your brain, which acts on your thyroid gland.


Home Care

Get the healthcare support you need to manage your chronic conditions with Emoha. Book a consultation for a doctor or find a qualified nurse or attendant with the touch of a button.

To request this service, please call 1800 103 3018

Nurses : Feel comforted when you are sick by caring nurses trained in elder care. Emoha can help you find qualified and verified a nurse for assistance with injections, wound dressing, medication administration, monitoring your vital signs and more. You can schedule a nurse for transactional services or for longer durations like 12-hours or 24-hours.

Attendants : Get 12-hour or 24-hour support for verified and trained nursing attendants to provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living like bathing, getting dressed, having a meal, going to the bathroom, and more.

Doctor Visit : With Emoha, avail the service of an at-home doctor visit so you can be treated in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your family members.

Dietician Visit : An at-home dietician visit or consultation involves nutrition assessment and guidance on building immunity and nutrition by an experienced dietician.

Hospitalization : If a member is in critical condition and needs immediate hospitalization, Emoha offers prompt service of assisting the senior to be admitted to the best hospital.

Ambulance : In case of medical emergencies, Emoha provides assistance with reliable and fast ambulance service through private as well public ambulance providers.

Diabetes Test : Whether it is a lingering back pain or a frozen shoulder, you can now get treated in the comfort of your home, by certified, specialized and experienced physiotherapists at Emoha.

Specialized Doctors : Choose from highly qualified professionals such as cardiologists, oncologists, dentists, neurologists and more for specialized care.

Injection Administration : If you need the service of injection administration at home, Emoha's trained medical staff efficiently administers the required injection in a comfortable and hassle-free manner.

IV Infusion : IV infusion is a medical procedure through which fluids are directly administered in the veins. Emoha's trained medical staff safely administers IV at home and take appropriate measures to prevent any risk.

Vital Monitoring : Vital signs are measured to ascertain the general health of a person, to detect any disease and to check progress during medical treatment. Emoha's trained nurses would visit you at your home for vital signs monitoring and record your pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiration rate without having you to visit the clinic or hospital.

Wound Dressing : Emoha's skilled medical staff can visit you at your home to dress a minor or major wound so it heals quickly and completely without you having to travel all the way to clinic or hospital.

Catheter : Urinary catheterization is the medical procedure of introducing a catheter tube to a person’s bladder in order to drain the urine and gather it in the drainage bag attached to it. You can get professional support for the insertion, removal or changing of urinary catheter care at home.

Ryles Tube : Nasogastric tube insertion is the process of inserting a nasogastric tube through a patient’s nose, past the throat and down into the patient's stomach. Emoha's trained medical staff take all the necessary care and precaution while performing the process of Ryle’s tube insertion, removal or changing.

ICU setup at home : Rent Oxygen Concentrator, Ventilator and more at home

Post-Operative Care : Recover Faster and Healthier With Optimum Care

Holistic Stroke Rehabilitation : Get Support in Daily Living Activities

Physiotherapy : Restore health with a trained Physical Therapist

Transactional Services : Nursing Visit for Injection, IV, Catheter Changing, Dressing, etc.


FOR MORE DETAILS 18001033018

Medical - Equipments

Medical Equipment &

At-home medical equipment not only makes seniors’ lives easier but also safer.

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Oxygen Cylinder & Concentrator : Emoha provides reliable and effective oxygen gas cylinder, available in 5l & 10l capacity, as well as concentrators that provides supplemental oxygen to seniors with breathing issues.

Blood Pressure Instruments : Get easy to use and comfortable BP monitors at home to help you assess your blood pressure and keep a track of pulse rate and irregular heartbeats.

Diabetes Monitor : Check your blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home with a diabetes monitor. It can be checked by poking your fingertips and using a blood glucose meter at that moment.

Nebulizer : A nebulizer is recommended for seniors who may have difficulty using inhalers. It delivers medication more deeply into the lungs than some people can manage on their own.

ICU at Home : ICU at Home works as an extension of critical care given to patients in hospitals and also helps to save up to 50% of the treatment cost as compared to the hospitalization expenses.

Alpha Beds : Alpha Beds are very useful for seniors, especially for the ones who are experiencing back pain and bedsores. The doctors' recommended air bed works as a perfect solution for your elders to ease their body pain.

Technical - Support

Technical Support

Explore our tech-related solutions such as issues with desktop or WiFi, which bring convenience to the lives of seniors.

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WiFi Related Issues : Emoha provides assistance with WiFi related issues such as slow internet, issues with devices connecting to WiFi, connection drops, WiFi password retrieval etc.

Laptop/Desktop Hardware : If you face hardware related issues, Emoha provides assistance with services such as screen change, change of spare parts, repairing laptop hardware, chemical cleaning of interior and external parts of the laptop.

Laptop/Desktop Software : If you face any software related issues, Emoha provides assistance with laptop software repair services such as motherboard replacement, screen replacement, water damage repair and replacement etc.

Email Issues : Emoha provides assistance with email issues such as undeliverable emails, missing emails, disk quota error etc.

Printers & Copiers : Emoha provides assistance with printing and copier services which are used to create new copies of documents, saving those old files and keeping it from distortion.



Book senior-friendly travel packages, buy flight tickets and get assistance with VISA related queries through Emoha.

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Senior-Friendly Tours : If you wish to go on a vacation, Emoha curates elder friendly tours which come with medical and travel assistance. To see our travel packages curated for Seniors, click here. (hyperlink to travel webpage)

Airport Transfers : Emoha helps in pre-booking taxis for easy transfers to and from the airport whether you are flying solo or with a group.

Hotel Booking : Emoha provides assistance with hotel bookings and secures reservations of hotel rooms for personal or official purposes.

Visa/Passport Issues : Emoha provides assistance with passport or visa, signifying that the document is in order and permitting its bearer to travel into or through the country.

Driver Services : Emoha helps in providing reliable driver hiring services whether you need to go for grocery shopping, relaxed ride or doctor visits.

Get-Togethers : Social engagement is important for people's well-being, regardless of their age. Emoha arranges get-togethers such as lunch, dinner, sight seeing etc that can help you socialize, and stay active.

Daily - Needs

Daily Needs

Emoha is here to simplify the lives of seniors so they can enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

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Daily Grocery : Get the healthiest and freshest fruits, vegetables and groceries delivered to your doorstep with our grocery delivery service.

House Shifting : If you need help with packing, loading, unloading, moving goods, rearrangement, or any other house shifting service, we provide assistance in finding verified packers and movers.

Laundry : Laundry service includes washing, drying, and folding the laundry with the additional services like stain treatment, dry cleaning, and ironing etc.

Horticulture Help : Emoha, with the help of horticulture veterans, delivers outstanding horticulture services such as garden/lawn maintenance & care, pruning of trees, regular watering of garden and more.

House Help : Get a fully assessed and verified house help to provide you with number of services around the house like cooking, cleaning, running errands etc on both full time or half time basis.

Pest Control : If you face pest infestation at home, get quick and safe pest control service and protect your health and peace of mind with the help of Emoha.

Banking Support : Emoha provides assistance with banking related service such as checking and savings accounts, cheque deposit & collection, loan and mortgage, wealth management, credit and debit cards, overdraft services etc.

Utility Payments : Emoha provides assistance with utility payments that includes electric bill payments, postpaid phone bills, landline bills, gas bill payments and so much more.

Pension and Insurance : Emoha provides assistance with the pension and insurance plan that provides retirement benefits to the individual.

Legal Desk : Emoha provides assistance with legal services such as rental agreement, will, gift deed, name change affidavit, one and the same person affidavit etc.

Courier and Post : Emoha provides assistance through reliable courier service providers if you need help with any post or courier related service.

Cheque Collection : If you need help with cheque collection from different location on your behalf, Emoha provides you with the service of care buddy who will ensure safe and quick collection as well as delivery.

Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Live a hassle-free life with security sensors, smart entertainment devices and more.

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Safety & Security Sensors : Safety & security sensors can look out for problems as early as possible, alert both the resident and the carer, and minimize the risk of any mishaps. They make everyday life of the elderly more convenient and safer.

Movement Sensors : Movement sensors work in two ways - they can detect someone moving around the house and they can also record a lack of movement. If someone hasn't triggered the sensor at a time they normally do, or if they have left the house and haven't returned after an abnormally long time, a home monitoring sensor can let you know.

Smart Entertainment Devices : Smart entertainment devices offer several benefits for seniors. They can be paired with voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri to provide hands-free control over their devices and can also be used to make video calls to family members, order food, and more.

Medical Sensors : There are so many medical gadgets for the elderly that can make your life easier or safer. Fitness trackers can keep tabs on heart rates, fall alert devices can send a notification for medical assistance if you fall, smart pill dispensers can monitor your medicine intake and ensure that you don't under or over-medicate yourself by mistake, and so much more.

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