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On the occasion of World Senior Citizen Day, Emoha Elder Care invited the members of the Senior Citizen Federation along with the Presidents of the RWA societies to the Engagement Centre for Elders in Emoha’s office .

The programme began with a Welcome speech by Mr Saumyajit Roy, Co-Founder & CEO, Emoha Elder Care where. he reiterated the importance of elders and how we need to give back to them in their hour of need. Dr Vivekanand, a cardiologist from Paras hospital spoke about the heart related challenges faced by the elderly and what symptoms they need to be careful about. He also explained the changes and difficulties that happen as a person ages. Mr TK Sharma , President of Senior citizen Federation also spoke to the members about various aspects of aging and how to deal with it.

To celebrate the inauguration the Engagement Centre and Senior Citizen Day , a cake cutting ceremony was held and the honours were done by Mrs Chawla , a senior citizen who has reinvented her life .All the seniors were very happy with the programme and were convinced about the requirements of an elderly and how Emoha is fulfilling it.

The event was widely appreciated and covered by Gurgaon based journalists.