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Emoha Elder


Our Inspiring Emoha Ke Azad Panchi

Mr. Shivcharan Bohra

Lives life with honesty & hard work & has ever since been the favorite of all.

Wg Cdr Umesh Rathore

Had an in-built ambition to serve the country & fight a war if the need be.

Ms. Neeta Rawal

Always looked to the positive side of life & helps orphaned children learn, grow, and live happily.

Ms. Mona Rolston

Staying positive & dealing with life with courage is all that matters.

Celebrating our Elders

Emoha is all about keeping EldersFirst and celebrating them. We believe that it's time that we all slow down and think about the lessons given to us by our elders. It's time to celebrate our elders and to love & care for them the way they deserve.

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Emoha Ke Azad Panchi

There is a community in India that is transforming the way the world view elders. It is a community where the elders laugh more, worry less, do more, and live life to the fullest! We call these elders our 'Emoha Ke Azad Panchi.'

Free birds without a care in the world who get their well-being monitored regularly are encouraged to live all those bucket-list plans, take up hobbies, or just team up with their 3500+ new friends to participate in interactive virtual events join like-minded community clubs that connect them to others like themselves.

Emoha is a world of laughter, camaraderie, joy, and specialized healthcare when needed. It is about caregivers who love their job and come to work every day to make a difference in each elder's life. It is about encouraging an elder who is a great artist to bring those joyful colors out again, take up dance classes, stay fit with virtual fitness sessions. Emoha is a loving family's partner in caring for their elder parents. Freeing them up to be Azad Panchis themselves by helping them spend more times of joy with their parents rather than moments of worry.

We call this India's largest elder community that is transforming the way we perceive aging, the world of Emoha.

Our Benefits

Emoha's Membership gives Single Click Access to

Emergency Coordination

24/7 Emergency Coordination with Hospitals and Ambulance Providers

Online Activities & Events

Online Events, Engaging Virtual Parties, and Interest-Based Programs

Health Monitoring

Daily Care Calls, Access to 500+ Doctors, Online Health Records

COVID Vaccination Assistance

Easy registrations, hassle-free vaccinations, post-vaccination care calls for health monitoring.


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