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Questions regarding cancellation charges, refund, rescheduling, cancelling flight ticket bookings popped up all over social media. In the view of the same, the Civil Aviation Ministry has instructed airlines to waive off rescheduling charges and the equally considerate airlines have agreed to abide by the same.


For your better understanding, we have listed below the names of the airlines and the concessions they are offering:



Someone has rightly said, life begins at 50. And what’s better than living your golden years globetrotting? According to a report published by travel behavior expert Frost & Sullivan, around 7.3 million senior citizens in India will travel in 2020.

Why Should You Travel?

Why do so many people choose to travel?  Aside from increasing the number of stamps on your passport, traveling has several benefits for your mind, body and soul. 



Reserve an aisle or exit row seat to allow yourself extra leg room. Wear loose-fitting clothing on the flight, and do not wear tight clothing around your legs and thighs such as girdles or stockings with tight elastic bands. Wear support stockings for additional prevention.


Stand up every half hour as permitted. Stretch your legs and take a short walk up and down the aisles of the plane. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks, which are dehydrating.

When to Go

If you can travel whenever you want, it's smart to aim for shoulder season (April through mid-May, or late September through October). This allows you to avoid the most exhausting things about European travel — crowds and the heat of summer — and it saves money, too.

With little extra planning and caution, elders can enjoy their vacations by traveling through their favorite locations. If caregiver accompanies, caregiver attitude is perhaps the single most important factor impacting how well a senior travels, and how well those travel with the individual enjoys the experience.

Tips for Traveling With the Elderly

Before embarking on a trip with a senior, there are a few things the caregiver should consider.

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