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Does our skin grow old with time?

A beautiful skin is much appreciated in both men and women of all age but, it is also true that our skin do age with time. Old-age is also known as the period of physical decline. The older we grow, the more changes our skin undergoes with time. Growing old is often linked with various structural as well as functional changes not only in terms of body but also in terms of skin. 


Not all body organs are internal like heart and brain. There is also one organ which we wear on the outside and that is skin. 


Skin is the largest organ of human body. Skin performs much more function than just making us look presentable. It protects us from harmful chemicals, temperatures, damaging sunlights, etc.


It is said that we would literally evaporate without skin. 



As we grow, our skin goes through a physical and biological transformation, which determines how our bodies react to different conditions. Among this overall biological transformation, the skin is the most vulnerable one. Thus when the human body grows and enters in the senior years, it requires extra care, especially some healthy food for healthy skin. 


Make-up is a woman's best friend, irrespective of age. Every woman loves looking beautiful and getting praised for her looks either they are a grandmother or a newlywed wife. As we grow old, it can be seen in our skin also. As the skin changes, we cant use those makeup looks in Teenage magazines. But you don't need to worry as the market is filled with products to make you look beautiful and more confident. So if you are worried about what to buy? How to buy it? Or How to do makeup which looks natural for elder people, natural even at the age of 60 or 70?

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