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While you can always count on an elder care provider for all-round care; it is equally important to ensure that your house provides a safe environment to those who gave their all to you, unconditionally. On that note, we present some simple tips to help make different parts of your home as safe and comfortable as possible for elderly loved ones. Read on.

The senior citizens in the country, in their most lonely time, are left to fend for themselves in their later years. According to the Census undertaken in 2011, 8% of India’s total population (100 million) was aged above 60, which is expected to rise to 12.5% and 20% (173 million) by 2026 and 2050 respectively. With the problem of loneliness staring right into the nation’s face, elder care services offered by companies like Emoha Care Services are the need of the hour.


Thankfully, the true value of the internet as a tool for social connection is appreciated now more than ever. There are countless tools and apps available to keep us virtually connected to the people we care about. As the stress and worry of the pandemic takes its toll, it’s important to remember that we are not really alone in these challenging times, despite the feelings of isolation that come with quarantine.

Memories are the building blocks of our internal biographies. They tell us what we have done during our lifetime and who we have connected with along the way. Memories play a vital role in making us who we are as human beings, which is why age-related memory loss can signify losing our sense of self. Many people worry about declining memory and thinking skills. But what makes some individuals experience memory loss over time while others remain sharp? Genes contribute to how intact our memories stay, but so too do lifestyle choices.

As long as a person has the determination and the enthusiasm to make life enjoyable, he or she can succeed in doing so regardless of the age and the health complications that come along with it. After all, it’s not how old you are, but rather how old you feel. As far as aging adults are concerned, here are 4 simple ways in which they can feel young again:

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