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Does our skin grow old with time?

A beautiful skin is much appreciated in both men and women of all age but, it is also true that our skin do age with time. Old-age is also known as the period of physical decline. The older we grow, the more changes our skin undergoes with time. Growing old is often linked with various structural as well as functional changes not only in terms of body but also in terms of skin. 


Not all body organs are internal like heart and brain. There is also one organ which we wear on the outside and that is skin. 


Skin is the largest organ of human body. Skin performs much more function than just making us look presentable. It protects us from harmful chemicals, temperatures, damaging sunlights, etc.


It is said that we would literally evaporate without skin. 



Are your elders suffering from any neurological disorders? If yes, you must go ahead and read this article to know what this devil-like condition is all about. 


Even if your elders don't have any common neurological disorders, you might want to understand what these disorders are. You must be aware of some early symptoms of neurological disorders to notice when your elders start suffering with them.  



Strokes are common in elders and one of the significant reasons behind their end. We don’t want to scare you. But that’s the thing! Strokes are scary, and you must know about them and how to deal when your dear elder is hit by one.


Read on to know what is a stroke, its types, the causes, the symptoms, and how you can make your elder prevent it.


Always remember, Emoha is there to help you in this health journey for your elder.



All the parts of our body have their importance and functioning. If one part becomes weak, it creates in the rest of the body too. Our bones are the basis of our walking, sitting, writing, thinking, any physical movement. The structure of bones is also used to protect the delicate organs inside our body. Proper growth of bones is significant for better functioning of the body. But we often take our bones for granted. 




What is Organic food?

Organic foods are the ones that are chemical-free and grown using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Unlike conventional foods, during the production of organic fruits and vegetables, no chemicals are used to increase their size or to ripe them before time. However, it is difficult to distinguish between common foods and organic foods as they look similar in colour and shape. Today, in this blog we will tell you how to identify organic food and the health benefits of organic food for the elderly. 

The Coronavirus has created a rage all over the world. Seeing the fast-growing patients in India, the government has also asked people to protect themselves, especially senior citizens. Until there is no vaccine, only self-awareness and caution can save us from these diseases. In this scenario, boosting immunity among the elderly becomes extremely important. Thus today we are going to tell you about the best drinks to boost the immune system, in senior citizens. 



Coconut oil is very common in our country that is used in almost every household. In many parts of the country and the world, it is also used as cooking oil. Coconut oil has been used for centuries on skin and hair. With recent research, it has been found that coconut oil is very beneficial for senior citizens too. While it provides tremendous benefits in general, it prevents serious illnesses and chronic diseases as well. Here we will tell you the various types of coconut oil, its uses, and the coconut oil benefits for the elderly. 

Lightheadedness is pretty common in the elderly. If you have ever felt the feeling suggesting you are going to pass out or faint after a bout of dizziness, then you know what it means.

Want to know more about the topic? We know you do that's why in this article today, we are going to explain what is lightheadedness. What are its symptoms and causes? How can you treat lightheadedness or better, prevent it from troubling you? 

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