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It’s Diwali, and it’s the year 2020. While some might say this is a chance for a little happiness in the overall sad year we all have had, most elders might not agree. 


The risks that come with Diwali celebrations may make this time of the year 2020 even more harmful for our elders. 


From the fear of the deadly virus to the pollution from crackers, there are a few things that might trouble them and weaken their health. 



Diwali gift ideas in 2020 should encourage gifts that are inspiring, positive, more healthy than the usual sugar-ridden sweets yet incredible.


After all, we have had a rough year considering the COVID-19 pandemic and deserve some goodness. 


Fortunately, there are some splendid Diwali gift ideas that we have for you to choose from without going insane. And you must read on especially if you are all set to get gifts for the elders you know. 


Diwali is around the corner, and you need to decorate your home in the most beautiful way possible. But many times, advancing age can come in between such desires. 


For example, shopping outdoors is not a good option, especially because of the COVID19 which attacks elders much before anyone else. 


And trying to decorate with complicated ideas requiring a lot of work may not be feasible as well. 


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