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A lifelong of healthy vision derives from not just physical health & lifestyle but also right vitamins for eyes. A balanced diet with proper nutrients can benefit your eye health greatly by reducing the chances of potential vision problems.

With a surge in importance of vitamins in eyes and demands, the market is saturated with supplements and multivitamins that claim to benefit eye health. There’s a handful of vitamins known that support healthy eyes and also reduce the risk of age-related eye conditions.

Advancing age brings with it common eye diseases that must be taken care of to lead a trouble free life. After all, so much we do in our day involves the use of our super functional eyes!

But what are some common eye diseases which can make life difficult for us? And can we prevent them all?

Well, you cannot entirely avoid all these common diseases of the eye, but you can become more aware of their symptoms, causes, types, prevention and treatment.

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