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Senior Citizen's Guide to Financial Independence
There are many on-going financial services for the elderly to ensure they live an independent life post-retirement as well. Financial management makes them independent, confident about self and allows them to live life the way they want. 
Banking services will now come to your home. Read on to know how
My grandfather has been a lucky man in terms of finances. He always says he has three walking and talking bank accounts, i.e. his three sons. But nowadays, with children staying away from their parents.
This is How You Can Keep Your Heart Healthy
Cardiovascular diseases can be described as diseases that block the arteries and suppress the blood flow. A heart attack is one of the most prevailing cardiovascular diseases. 
Living With Parkinson’s
Hustling away throughout your life, working hard and saving money for one day when you finally decide to live in the course of most of our lives? Yes! Does it always work according to the plan? Unfortunately not for many others. In our talk with our Smart Home Care (SHC) Plan patient Mr. VK Kumar’s daughter, Vandana, she shared her father’s journey with Parkinson’s disease.
How This 83 Year Old Man Made Us Smile Amid COVID 19 Crisis
On 28th March, 8:10 PM, we got a call on our Elder Helpline from an 83 year old man who lives all alone in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. He sounded very helpless and asked us if we could help him get his vital medicines as he couldn’t go out because of the COVID.

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